"When Howie Met Randy"
Season 2, Episode 33
2015-04-30 121523
Prod. Code: RC217
Premiered: April 27, 2015
Written by:
  Jim Martin & David Shayne
Storyboard by:
  Ruolin Li & Jim Shellhorn
Directed by:
  Sean Petrilak
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"Bro Money Bro Problems"
"When Howie Met Randy" is the thirty-third episode of the second season (and eighty-fifth episode overall) of Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. It  premiered on April 27, 2015.[1]


6-year-old Randy tries to convince new kid Howard that Norrisville has a Ninja.[2]


Main characters

Secondary characters

Background characters


  • This episode reveals how Randy and Howard met and became friends. 
  • The episode title is a reference to the 1989 film When Harry Met Sally.
  • It is confirmed that Randy and Howard met in a bath together as 3 years old, and it was mentioned in "So U Think U Can Stank."
    • Randy reveals that Howard's story of the time when they met the Ninja of '05 is not actually the story of how Howard and Randy themselves first met, as Howard pretends; however, the story is substantially true in other respects.
  • Marci gets stanked in this episode. This episode also reveals that Marci is the first monster Randy ever distanked.
  • Another past ninja, the Ninja of '05, makes a second appearance. The first one had been shown as a doodle in "Ninjaception."
  • It is revealed that Marci used to run a daycare center.
  • The character in Doug's drawing might be an allusion to Courage from the cartoon Courage the Cowardly Dog.
  • Stevens is revealed to be left-handed.
  • Randy's amusement by the Ninja of '05's puns shows that he probably got his punny humor from him.
  • This episode reveals how Randy became a candidate to become a Norrisville Ninja.
  • In the past, Randy used to wear a red hat.
  • Goof: When The Ninja of '05 first appears, his right hand glove is missing. In the next frame, the glove is on.
  • Two jingles in this episode confirm that the show takes place in the year 2013 and that Randy and Howard were 14.


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