"To Smell and Back"
Season 2, Episode 44
To Smell and Back 16
Prod. Code: 222b
Premiered: June 15, 2015
Written by:
  Jim Martin & Arthur Pielli
Storyboard by:
  Phil Allora, Russ Edmonds & Haylee Herrick
Directed by:
  Shaun Cashman
Felipe Salazar
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"To Smell and Back" is the forty-fourth episode of the second season (and ninety-sixth episode overall) of Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja.[1] It premiered on June 15, 2015.[2]


Howard has to go to the center of the Earth to set the fart record straight.[3]


Main characters

Secondary characters

Background Characters


  • The title is a reference to the 1955 World War II film To Hell and Back.
  • Heidi calls Howard "Howard 'Double Dip' Weinerman," referencing his nickname in the episode, "Gossip Boy."
  • Randy's exclamation to Howard, "Jerk-cuse!" is a portmanteau of the word "jerk" and the famous 1898 headline, "J'Accuse…! " (French for "I accuse...!"), about the "Dreyfus affair."
  • Howard's story asserts that Debbie Kang has a massive crush on him; this may suggest that he himself has a crush on her, or just he thinks that girls in general find him irresistible.
  • Howard's story makes little effort at keeping everyone in-character, in contrast with the one he tells in "When Howie Met Randy" and to the one Randy tells in "The Curse of Mudfart."



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