• A, rc9gn was actually aired in my country(in Taiwan) by a Taiwanese official Disney channel. But, there're Taiwanese mandarin dubs(btw, I watched this version in my Broadcasting & Television Network ) and Chinese mandarin dubs, two versions of dubs as far as I know for now. You can find a record version of Taiwanese dubs on YouTube . Chinese mandarin dubs only was aired by IPTV in some regions. It's unknown that Chinese mandarin dubs whethe exist or not


    B, I researched any infotmation of this weapon, I browsed one in tmnt wiki at last,  and I copied them of the first paragraph for rc9gn wiki. I know "鎖分銅" are kanji, are traditonal Chinese characters, so I changed them into simplified characters "锁分铜"

    Sorry my bad English

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