"The Plug Always Wins"
Season 2, Episode 6
The Plug Always Win
Premiered: July 23, 2015
Written by:
  Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas
Directed by:
  Shaun Cashman

"The Plug Always Wins" is the sixth of six animated shorts made for the show depicting "bloopers."


This blooper focuses on Randy's running down the hall of Norrisville High during the episode "The Fresh Principal of Norrisville High," tripping on an electrical cord, and trying to unplug it.


  • It is revealed that the entire show is run from one outlet.
  • Randy's line, "I'll be in my trailer," references the fact that star actors filming on location are often provided with luxury trailers as quarters/dressing rooms; it became a Hollywood cliché that spoiled actors, when things didn't go their way, would declare that they would remain in their trailers until they were placated. Here, the idea is totally absurd: sit-coms are almost never shot on location, but in-studio, where the stars would most likely have permanent dressing rooms, not trailers; a child actor would almost certainly never command the leverage to have the studio provide him with a private trailer; and if such an actor were to flounce off-set in such a manner, he would most likely be replaced in short order — but most of all, of course, "Randy" is not a live actor at all, and voice actors such as Ben Schwartz do not use trailers/dressing rooms and never actually seen in the show, but simply record their lines in a studio.



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