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Character information
Gender Unknown
Species Tengu
Age 800+ years
Hair color Red
Eye color Red (when possessing others)
Affiliations Evil
Residence Trapped in the Eye of Eternities at Norrisville High
Enemies Norrisville Ninja
First Episode Evil Spirit Week

The Tengu is a bird demon. It was trapped in the Eye of Eternities by the First Ninja, and it keeps the Sorcerer trapped under Norrisville High.



The Tengu, large and powerful, is shown to have avian-like features, wears a demon mask, and has black feathers, with the primaries part of its wings being red.

Possessed Howard

When in full control over Howard's body, the Tengu has orange-brown feathers with a blue and purple chest and blue marks on its feathers. Its eyes are glowing red, and its beak has small jagged teeth. On its head, it has a crest resembling Howard's hairstyle, and it can use the ends of its wings as large hands.


Around 800 years ago, the First Ninja and the Tengu fought, but the Tengu was too powerful to destroy. Once the Ninja figured out its ultimate source of power, its feathers, he defeated and trapped it in a sacred stone called the Eye of Eternities. Weaving its feathers into the Ninja Mask gave the Ninja Suit powers, but also forever linked the Ninja and the Tengu. Afterwards, the Sorcerer wanted possession of the stone, but the First Ninja used it to trap him underground instead. For over 800 years, the stone was on the floor of the school lobby, keeping the Sorcerer trapped underground, and it can only be released at the hand of the Ninja. After the Sorcerer's defeat, the stone now holds the remaining Chaos Pearls underground.


Possessed Howard


The Tengu can take over a human body and eventually gain control of it. At first, when the Tengu possesses Howard in "Evil Spirit Week", Howard's eyes occasionally flash red, and feathers begin to grow out of his neck. Over time, he starts acting like a bird without control, like squawking and flapping his arms like wings. He gets exhausted until the Tengu takes complete control over him, which causes him to fully transform into a giant bird. When possessing another body, many of the person's physical features remain, like Howard's hairstyle and hair color.

The time it takes for the Tengu to possess someone varies, from a few seconds to a couple of hours. However, the Tengu seems to desire the control, and usually possesses the most available and closest victim.


The Tengu, while possessing Howard and being controlled by Randy, can use its wings, whether normally or as fists, and feet to fight off foes. When it first appeared in Evil Spirt Week, the Tengu was able to fire its feathers as projectiles/daggers. The Tengu is also capable of fighting its foes using its sharp talons and fanged beak or by using its wings as fists.

Fire Powers

In "Randy Cunningham: 13th Century Ninja", while possessing Howard and being controlled by Randy, the Tengu is able to go into Ninja Rage with Randy.


The Tengu is connected with the Ninja, meaning they share the same strengths and weaknesses. If the Ninja suffers an injury, the Tengu suffers the same injury as well. When Randy realized this, he hurt himself in order to force the Tengu to leave Howard's body. Later, he used this connection to control the movements of Howard when he was possessed by the Tengu again. To recapture the Tengu into the stone in both instances, he burned the mask by throwing into into the bonfire. When Randy absorbs the power of the Tengu, he is allowed to go into Ninja Rage and perform a move called the Ninja Tengu Fireball.



  • Tengus exist in Japanese folklore and are characterized by their avian and humanized features.
  • The mouth part of the mask can open up, reveling it's pointy tongue, implying that mask could actually be it's true face or perhaps the mask is fused to it's face.
  • The Eye of Eternity, the stone the Tengu is trapped in, was also the stone that the sunlight bounced off of that led Randy and Howard to the Sorcerer's Key in "Randy Cunningham and the Sorcerer's Key".
  • In the center of the calendar in "Randy Cunningham and the Sorcerer's Key", the Tengu's face can be seen.
  • The Tengu is quite similar in design to Aku from Samurai Jack.
    • It is also quite similar in design to Ho-Oh from Pokemon.
  • The First Ninja is able to perform a Nameless Dragon Move similar to the Tengu Fire Ball yet it looks like a dragon and his suit doesn't change color. It is unknown if this power is also linked to the Tengu.
  • When The Tengu appeared fully to possess Howard a second time, Lightning and Thunder flashes can be seen. This likely due to the tengu as according to Japanese folklore, tengus have the ability to control weather.


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