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The Temple of Forbidden Knowledge of the Shadow Warrior is a building inside of the NinjaNomicon which houses Norrisville Ninja abilities such as the Art of Healing, Art of Telepathy, Art of Flying, etc. There seems to be something sinister about the Forbidden Knowledge of the Shadow Warrior, considering the bad effects that generally result from Randy's use of the magical devices kept in its temple. Still, this knowledge does prove helpful to Randy in Randy Cunningham - Punchademic.



  • The emblem of the Norisu Nine appears on the temple.
  • It's revealed in "Let the Wonk One In" that the Temple contains the bottle in which the Halloweenja is confined, as well as many other occult creations of the Shadow Warrior.
  • In the game Randy Cunningham: Punchademic, Randy receives the lesson "The Beacon of Hope is sometimes the least expected hero" against the background of the Temple, and thereupon obtains an actual beacon used to stop the stanked Grave Puncher monsters. The Beacon presumably therefore comes from the Temple.
  • The "Shadow Warrior" is probably a reference to the video game called "Shadow Warrior," a first person shooter game featuring a modern ninja warrior.


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