Sundown Sheet
Character information
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Occupation Janitor at Norrisville High
Friends Greg
First Episode Gossip Boy
Voiced by Fred Tatasciore

Sundown is the janitor at Norrisville High.


Not much is known of Sundown's personality, however, we can assume he is a very chill and lax person. Often times, he is seen breaking the rules of his own job out of laziness and or safety, and he caters to some student's wishes. Sundown can be less than sanitary much to the irony of his job. He does not seem to be grossed out by his own actions or the uncleanliness of his job.


Sundown is almost always seen wearing a muddy teal button up shirt, grey jeans, a brown belt and workbooks as well as his signature red cap.


  • He ate a gum straight from the scraper which contained a silverfish inside.
  • He apparently seems to be friends or at least know Greg from Greg's Game Hole.
  • He seems to know and trust Randy and Howard as he let them practice in the janitors closet during the episode "30 Seconds to Math".
  • It is unknown if Sundown actually lives at the school as he is seen in several episodes doing things such as brushing his teeth and wearing pjs in the early mornings at the school, usually home activities.


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