Randy chasing the stank.

The Sorcerer has the magical ability to stank a human. "Stank" is a concentrated, chaotic, usually green mist that transforms people, most often students, into aggressive, powerful, and dangerous monsters.

Main Ability

The power of the stank seems to come from Chaos Pearls, which are worn as a belt by the Sorcerer. The pearls are powered by people who are either weak-willed, brokenhearted, or are going through a moment of great emotional trauma. There is a particular amount of stanked students that creates enough chaos for the Sorcerer to escape.

The simplest way to "de-stank" a human is to destroy the thing they hold most dear, which the stank possesses. Sometimes, this can simply be an object, like a hat or an instrument, but it can also be abstract, like a relationship or losing a competition. When this happens students can de-stanked by resolving their emotional trauma, without the use of violence or destruction. Such as asking for forgiveness or resolving the issue. Upon the students being de-stanked, the stank returns to the Sorcerer.

If the Sorcerer stanks enough people to power his chaos pearls, he will be able to escape his prison underneath the school. It's revealed in "Sorcerer in Love" and "Randy Cunningham: 13th Century Ninja" that once freed, the Sorcerer is able to use stank with free will to change people who aren't going through a moment of great emotional trauma.

Other Uses

Types of Stank

Green - Used by the Sorcerer on a regular basis, mostly to turn vulnerable individuals into monsters. It is shown in "McOne Armed and Dangerous" that the machine the Sorcerer uses to communicate with McFist and Viceroy is powered with green stank, which burst from the machine to stank McFist in the same episode.

Red - Used by the Sorcerer in "Raiders of the Lost Nomicon", it allows him to open or grab items he'd normally not be able to open far from his prison, although it requires a lot of power and concentration. It also acts as offensive magic, and it is also the first time stank has required an incantation.

Yellow - Utilized by the Sorcerer in "Randy Cunningham and the Sorcerer's Key", it allows him to directly control whomever he stanks. It takes 100 years to brew. This form of stank also has the power to combine two or more people into one monster.

Pink - Normally used by The Sorceress, as seen in "Sorcerer in Love" and "Sorcerer in Love 2: The Sorceress's Revenge". It has the same effects as the sorcerers stank when transforming her victims, however, instead of relying on only on emotional trauma she can use romantic feelings to manipulate her victims.

Blue - Utilized by the Sorcerer in "Unstank My Hart", he can stank a person that instead of turn into a monster immediately once in contact, it builds up power in the victim in order to turn into a more powerful monster later on. The unique trick to this stank is that it works by granting heartbroken individuals their deepest desires, like giving Levander Hart amazing guitar skills when he originally lacked them.

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