"Sorcerer in Love"
Season 1, Episode 43
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Prod. Code: 117a
Premiered: November 9, 2013
Written by:
  David Shayne
Storyboard by:
  Kim Arndt & Bob Suarez
Directed by:
  Joshua Taback
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"Pranks for Nothing"

"Sorcerer in Love" is the forty-third episode of the first season of Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. It premiered on November 9, 2013.


Randy, Howard, and all the boys at Norrisville High are entranced by the new girl in school, Amanda Levay. Little do they know she's the Sorcerer's long lost love in disguise.


The episodes starts with the broadcast of Heidi, saying its their last chance to find a date. Randy suddenly panics, saying they have to find a date, and he and Howard laugh saying that only people who have no friends to play video games with would need a date. Then, a girl came in with all the boys staring at her. After she walks past Randy and Howard, she says that her name is Amanda Levay. Then, Randy and Howard rush and push each other on the way towards her. Randy says get in line, and it ironically turned out to be a line.

The girl's smell is detected by the Sorcerer, and he recognizes her as the Sorceress. He has a flashback of how they met and defeated by the ninja. She seduce all the boys to get the most beautiful thing in the school, stating the one who find is the one she wants. Then, they rush outside of class, but they are stopped by Mr. Bannister, telling them to require pass. They got a McPass all of the other got a past besides Howard as there is a limit. Randy was panic because sooner or later, the other boys might find the most beautiful thing.

Randy and Howard cooperate to get outside, and then, they will separate ways. They managed to get outside, and they searched for it everywhere even as far in the toilet and every student locker. Howard stated that Randy NinjaNomicon glowed and its his chance to get more time to find it first. Randy say he will go in which annoyed Howard, so Howard will ignore the Nomicon for once. The Nomicon warn about the Sorceress. Randy managed to find the most beautiful thing which turn out to be the eye that held the Tengu previously. Randy states it worthy to show Amanda that.

They went back to class and argue to say who find it first. Randy quickly hit the McPass twice and got the pass and went out with Amanda and Howard quickly hit it so he could. He say they do not ask for permission to which Randy replied that the McPass has spoken, making Mr.Bannister angry and causing him to throw the McPass out of the window. Amanda used her spell to request them to go somewhere else, but they came to ask who will she take on a date. They saw her true form which cause Randy to not want Amanda. 

Randy start battling her and use her true form to free the Sorcerer, but Randy has the advantage even though she is causing debris to fall. She outsmarts him by using her human form to seduce Randy. Randy quickly uses his scarf to cover his face and use smell-vision to be prevented being seduced by her. She is restrained and trapped by his Sai, but she uses her human form while she forces magic. She also ask help from the boys which attacks Randy, but he lured all the boys to Amanda which made Amanda lose control. The debris starts to fall, so Randy pulls the boys away from Amanda, making debris fall on her. Aftewards, Julian tries to attack the ninja asking what has he done to her, but when the Sorceress came, the boys run away from her.

Heidi thanks The Ninja that the dance is really under the stars during broadcast at the dance. Howard tells Randy that they will not let a girl to get between them which Randy agreed. When they were about to go home to play Grave Puncher, Theresa, who is wearing a beautiful dress, asks Randy if he wanted to dance. She didn't ask directly, which made Randy agree to dance with her, but then, Howard said that she was asking him, which made them argue again. Theresa was annoyed and walked away telling them "Forget it." At the end, the Sorceress is sitting in a cave, planning her revenge.


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  • This episode and Pranks for Nothing were supposed to air before McFear Factor and Randy Cunningham and the Sorcerer's Key, but instead aired a couple months later.
    • These four episodes had been on the Canadian channel Disney XD on Demand prior to airing, however.
  • This is the first episode with a female villain.
  • There was a deleted scene showing where the other female students were not pleased to see boys trying to get Amanda's attention.
  • This episode was based off the movie Batman and Robin.
  • First Ninja makes a non-speaking appearance via the Sorcerer's flashback.
  • This marks as the first episode to show the Ninja kissing a female character (on the cheek).
    • Running Gags:
      • Randy getting hit by debris.


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