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To see the lyrics of the theme song and Howard's version of the theme song, go to Ninja Theme Song.

Season 1

Detention Deficit Disorder (30 Seconds to Math, "30 Seconds to Math")

It's 4 PM and I'm still at school!

It's all good! I ain't "P-Slim," fool!

I can't remember when I was ever boreder!

'Cuz I've got a terminal case of...

Detention Deficit Disorder!

I got that Detention Deficit Disorder! I got it bad! GO!

(There's A) Ninja Inside Us All (Heidi Weinerman, "30 Seconds to Math"[1])

He wears a mask, but don't we all?

When he's not around we have to stand tall.

You've got the ninja in you,

And I've got the ninja inside me too.

There's a ninja inside of us all! (4x)

There's a little ninja inside of us all! (4x)

There's a ninja...

You Stank'd Me with Your Love ("Stank'd to the Future")

You stank'd me with your love.

Stank is forever.

Here in your arms,

in heaven.

That's the Thing about Stuff ("Stank'd to the Future")

That's the thing about stuff.

Ain't had no dinner.
Never seen no slicks.

It's been awhile,
But we still click.

You've been around,
I've been on ice,
But i still think you look nice.

That's the thing about stuff.
That's the thing about stuff.

Sitting By Myself (Howard Weinerman, "Evil Spirit Week" deleted song[2])

I'm sitting by myself
With my finger in a hole,
And I'm really, really bored.

Where's my friend? I dunno.
Where's my friend? I dunno.
This is boring, boring, boring, boring.
I want a corn dog now!

I'm Still the Cheese (Scott Thomas, "Evil Spirit Week" credits)

I'm still the cheese!

I'm still the cheese!

I'm still the cheese yeah!

Not Quite Friends ("Der Monster Klub")

When I first met you,

I though I didn't like your games.

But then I rolled the dice,

And things will never be the same!

Not quite friends, but someday,

We hang out after school!

Not quite friends, but someday,

Well, actually not, 'cuz we're busy.

Catfish Song ("Swampy Seconds" credits)

His name is Catfish!
He's got the gri-gri!
He's got the voodoo!
He's got the gumbo!

Don't like no couyon!
He's got the voodoo,
Down on the bayou!

You Gotta Have a Pet ("McFreaks")

Norrisville Pet Park, so honking fun.

Ain't got no rules except for this one.

Gotta have a pet, gotta have a pet.

Gotta have a pet, pet, pet, pet, pet.

It's super exclusive, you gotta have a pet.

If you don't have a pet, then you can't come in.

We Stole Pets (Scott Thomas, "McFreaks")

Alone together,
That how we used to be,
Then we stole these furry freaks.
Now we're a family.

We have pets,
Mom said no, but our hearts said yes
We stole pets,
We set them free to live in our garage.

We Got Pets ("McFreaks")

Oh, yeah, we got pets
At the pet park.

We're here with our pets at the pet park.
Off the leash, that's so cool.
Oh, yeah.

Pizza Party Best Friends Forever ("McFreaks")

We're just gonna fly, we're just wanna laugh. Do I We buck it, we ride it Be

We bump in hoopties
You draw this? Who, me? Uh!

Do it right, pizza party
Best friends forever.

Season 2

Everybody Ninj-Along ("Bucky Hensletter, "Everybody Ninj-along")

C'mon, Ninja fans! It's time for a song!
You know all the words, so Ninj-along!
He's so bruce, he does no wrong!

C'mon, everybody! Ninj-along!
Ninj, Ninj, Ninj-along!
Time to make that dinger go dong!

Ninj, Ninj, Ninj, Ninj-along!
It's not a zing, it's just a song!

Ghost Boogie ("Let the Wonk One In")

Yeah, baby, do the ghost boogie!

It was a spooky night! I was in a trance!
The zombie girls, they were ready to dance!

Ghost boogie!
Yeah, baby, do the ghost boogie!
Yeah, baby, do the ghost boogie!
  I ain't 'fraid of no boogie.

Chew It or Lose It ("Best Buds")

Chew it or lose it!
It's all about mind over mouth.
Feel your taste-buds come alive!

Taste it, or get basted,
In a bitter, sweet, salty, sour town,
Forget everybody. Yeah! We're going down,

Chew it or lose it!

I Love my Nacho Cheese Crunch-ritos ("McNinja - Brought to You by McFist")

I love my nacho cheese crunch-ritos!
i love my- I take awhow-
Nacho cheese crunch-ritos, are you man enough to shower in 'em?
i love my-Nacho Cheese Crunch!'

Rorg: A Hero of a Past ("Rorg: A Hero of a Past")

Rorg: Hero of a past.
By the power of his right arm, he'll stop evil with a blast from his sword,
And now the search is up! It's a warrior from the future, ska-ka sha-ka zzaam!

He's Rorg: Hero of a Past!
By the power of my right arm, I'm holding my sword up!

Smart Howard ("Wonkin' for the Weekend")

He's getting smarter, every day
He's getting smarter, in every way
Smart Howard, Smart Howard.
Smarter than he was one second ago.
Smarter than he was two seconds ago.
Smart Howard, Smart Howard.

He used to be so dumb, but now he's smart.
He used to scratch his bum, but now he's into art.
Smart, Smart' monst

The Ninja of Norrisville ("Ninjafan")

A guy sworn to secrecy he’s saving the day
The Ninja of Norrisville
When monsters and robots come to misbehave
He unleashes his ninja skill
Using all his might
Destankin' monsters left and right
The Ninja of Norrisville will save us all.

They say he’s a student just like you and me
The Ninja of Norrisville
I’d love to know his secret identity
But I doubt I ever will
Mysterious as night, he smoke bombs right after a fight
The Ninja of Norrisville will save us all.

And if I have only one more chance to say
Thanks for the good you’re doing day after day
I hope he hears this song
Upholding what is right and wrong
‘Cause the Fanjas, we just wanted him to know...

He’s the brucest of heroes to have ever lived
The Ninja of Norrisville
The robots and monsters seem to never give
And it all looks bleak until
The Ninja smoke bombs in
He fights for us and he wins
The Ninja of Norrisville has saved us all
The Ninja of Norrisville will save us all
The Ninja of Norrisville will save us all

The Ninjafan of Norrisville ("Ninjafan")

Born to squee-preciate,

She's making my day,
The Ninjafan of Norrisville.

When I act a shoob,
She does it, anyway.

Forgive me, I hope she will.
The Ninjafan of Norrisville is the brucest of all.

I Want It All ("Bro Money Bro Problems")

Randy and Howard!
Big Shopping!

My Boy H., he got all of the bills!
Dropping ones, fives, and tens how it's all grills!

Big hats!
Party tees!
Crazy hair!
Randy P.!
Part bees!
Big flowing!
We want more!
Be shoppin', I want more!

Be shoppin', I want it all!
Tell me I can't have it.
I want it all!

Brucest bling!
Show me the receipt, big h!
Helicopter, pussy-cats, Howard's wearing tats.
Season 3, ancient me.
Gonna wait and see.
I want it all.

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