Secrets of the 9 are a series of post-series information regarding Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. After Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja season 2 is assumed to be behind by Scott Thomas, he decided to spill about the series' important trivia.[1]


  1. "The Land of Shadows is only one of nine dark realms. Nine realms, nine Norisu brothers. Coincidence? Are you honkin’ nuts?"[2]
  2. "Theresa Fowler is Randy’s true love. But Howard is still Randy’s true brove. That’s a word, right? Yeah, sure it is."[3]
  3. "The Creep…guys, seriously, what to tell you about The Creep (aka Bruce McCheese)… He has never been a ninja. He is the chosen messenger. He passes the Nomicon and mask on to the chosen ninja, but he does not choose. The Nomicon (or the spirit of ninja residing within) chooses. And when they found Randy… H'oh boy. They knew they had the strongest ninja yet because he was willing to learn from his mistakes. He did not let his mistakes crush him; he let his mistakes CREATE him. The Creep is immortal, but he was not around when First Ninja settled what would be Norrisville. The Creep came from another time… (Also he’s been in one shot of almost every episode)"[4]
  4. "There are 9 chapters to the NinjaNomicon. The Tale of the Sorcerer was only chapter 1. If First Ninja was present in the first chapter, who might be there to help Randy through the other eight?"[5]
  5. "McFist was at Norrisville High in 1985, the same time that Mac Antfee was the ninja. Could McFist’s dislike for the ninja stem from this? Could it be that McFist was Howard to Mac’s Randy? Could their friendship have soured in a way that Randy and Howard’s never will? Could I use “could” again? If Randy were to stop McFist once and for all, it would mean bringing peace to whatever went down between these two…"[6]


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