Randys room
Randy Cunningham's Room  is the only part of his house that was seen besides the dining room in Sword Quest. It was first seen in Last Stall on the Left when Randy and Howard were playing Grave Puncher, Grave Puncher II and Grave Puncher 3. Howard also played Grave Puncher 4 on Randy's television in House of 1,000 Boogers. In Last Stall on the Left, Randy was first discovered the Ninja Mask, Ninja Suit and NinjaNomicon on a round wooden table in his room, where The Messenger left them for him. In Attack of the Killer Potatoes he and Howard used the Fart Box here. In House of 1,000 Boogers Randy and Howard punched themselves here in order to go to the Bash Splash. Randy was also seen sitting on his bunker bed in Viva El Nomicon at the end of the episode apologizing to the Nomicon.


  • Only Randy, Howard and Bucky's rooms have been seen so far.
  • From the view of Randy's room, there are some objects in there that are Chinese or Japanese (chopsticks on his table, pictures of samurai and Asian swords, and a Chinese like scroll on the wall between his bed and door). This could indicate Randy is Asian, possibly Japanese, or just have an interest for Asian stuff that came from interest in the Ninja.


In season 1:


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