"RC9GN Blooper Reel Featuring 'The Creep'"  is the fifth of six animated shorts made for the show depicting "bloopers."

"RC9GN Blooper Reel Featuring "The Creep""
Season 2, Episode 5
RC9GN Blooper Reel Featuring The Creep
Premiered: July 17, 2015
Written by:
  Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas
Directed by:
  Shaun Cashman


This blooper shows Randy questioning the Creep's importance in the show, while also revealing that Howard doesn't get paid.


  • It's revealed that the Creep enjoys mayonnaise to a gross degree.
  • It's revealed that Howard's attitudes between what he thinks disgusting in the show itself and what in the bloopers varies considerably.
  • It's also confirmed that Howard isn't paid and didn't realize that any of the other "actors" were.
  • The Creep is revealed to be paid more than Randy, which plays on the real-life fact that Bill Campbell (the Creep's voice actor) is worth 200 million dollars, while Ben Schwartz is worth only 3 million.


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