Queen Gabnidine
Queen Gabnidine
Character information
Gender Female
Species Intraterrestrial
Eye color Yellow
Affiliations Neutral
Occupation Ruler of the Intraterrestrials
Residence Center of the Earth
First Episode To Smell and Back

Queen Gabnidine is the ruler of the "Intraterrestrials" in the story Howard tells in "To Smell and Back." She is the force behind the plan to extract the Ninja's "hero" in order to restore Magman, the hero who defends the Intraterrestrials from "the evil mantle-dwellers." She has the odd verbal tic of ending nearly all her sentences with a long drawn-out, "Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight?"


Like all the Intraterrestrials, Gabnidine is green, with a crab-like four-legged abdomen, and a humanoid two-armed thorax and head. Unlike the others, she has a long hook-nose, and, whereas the others have yellow sclerae ("whites of the eye") and black pupils, she has white sclerae and yellow irises/pupils; she also wears a very tall crown and carries a scepter.


  • She is not a real person in-universe, but exists only as the antagonist in the story Howard makes up for an English assignment from Mr. Bannister.
  • Though a female, she is played by a male voice-actor, veteran actor-comedian Jon Lovitz, several of whose characters are known for catch-phrases like the Queen's, "Riiiiiiiiiight?"

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