Plop Plop
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Character information
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 800+
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Dark Blue
Occupation Squire of the First Ninja
Guardian of the Sorcerer's ball (formerly)
Residence Norrisville (formerly)
Friends First Ninja
Randy Cunningham
Howard Weinerman
First Episode Randy Cunningham: 13th Century Ninja
Latest Episode Aplopalypse Now
Voiced by Adam Pally

Plop Plop is the First Ninja's squire and friend. He was the guardian of one of the Sorcerer's balls for 800 years (First Ninja wasn't "asking" when he offered Plop-Plop the post) until Randy allows him to leave his temple and he becomes a part of the Nomicon with the First Ninja.


Plop-plop was introduced in "Randy Cunningham: 13th Century Ninja." He was tasked with the duty of retrieving the Tengu Stone or the Eye of Eternities to First Ninja to seal The Sorcerer in the pit. However due to Randy's intervention the Sorcerer managed to steal it before Plop plop take it. He reported it to First Ninja after which The Sorcerer showed he had the stone in his possession.

When Howard suggested they should give up, to which plop plop readily agreed to. He was later seen walking with First Ninja disheartened but stopped along a hill when he and First Ninja saw that Randy and Howard were battling the Sorcerer. When First Ninja was reciting the lesson given by the NinjaNomicon, Plop plop thought he was talking to him to which First Ninja told him to "shut up." During the end of the fight after First Ninja joined the battle and threw the Sorcerer into the pit and plugged it with a boulder, Plop plop jumped on top the boulder to hold it down but stated that he couldn't hold it for long.

After the battle ended he commended Howard on his bravery and said he would name his daughters after him and later laughed after pronouncing his name.

He later appeared in "Aplopalypse Now" where it was revealed that he was made the guardian of a power ball that First Ninja had found. Plop plop wasn't completely sure at first but later agreed when First Ninja made it clear that he wasn't asking. Plop plop remained in The Enchanted Temple for 800 years guarding the ball from the Sorcerer. A seal was made to protect him for the balls evil. He was unable to leave the temple hence a new Ninja had to quest to replenish his supplies every four years.

When it was Randy's turn, he and Howard made their way to the temple which had been moved to the sewers. After their pleasant reunion, Randy realized that Plop plop was old enough to act as their guardian so they would be able to watch a horror movie. Randy asked if he leave temporarily to which Plop plop replied that Randy was The Ninja and it was up to him. Randy allowed him to leave and took the ball with them.

They spend their time at the movie theater and at PJ McFlubbusters, all the while the Sorcerer was trying to take control of Plop plop's body. While eating Plop plop revealed about the seal which was now broken. Panicking Randy tried to get them back to the temple but it was already too late as the Sorcerer had possessed him. Possessed Plop plop ran out of the restaurant and stole a car, Randy and Howard got inside the car as well. On the way to the school Randy tried to break the Sorcerer's hold on him by talking but was proved to be ineffective.

When they reached the school the Sorcerer had turned him into stanked monster resembling a sumo wrestler. Randy too transformed but was unwilling to harm Plop plop. During the battle Randy realized that the only way to free Plop plop was to put him into the Nomicon.

After the fight Plop plop now destanked hovered above the opened Nomicon when Randy apologized saying it was all his fault but Plop plop forgave him replying that he had the best day in a long time and that he could visit him anytime in the Nomicon. Randy opened the Nomicon showing that Plop plop was inside and was sitting with First Ninja being excited while First Ninja shook his head.


  • He looks very similar to Howard Weinerman.
    • Like Howard, he finds the word "duty" to be hilarious.
  • His first name is Plop. The other Plop is apparently his family name.
  • Plop Plop believes "Howard" is a girl's name. It's unclear if others from his time share this belief of his.
  • It's unknown what kept Plop plop from aging, whether it was the scared seal or the temple itself.
  • During the fight between Stanked Plop plop and The Ninja, the two created a shockwave when they crashed into each other.


13th Century Ninja

  • Ninja!
    • First Ninja: What is it, my trusty squire, Plop Plop?
    • Randy and Howard: (Start Laughing)
    • Plop Plop: Why are they laughing?
  • (To Howard) And what do they call you?
  • Howard! That's a girls name! (Laughs)
  • About the stone... the Sorcerer got it.
  • (To Howard) And what do you do?
  • Yea...
  • (Explaining To Howard) Well, my first name is Plop, my last name was already Plop.
  • Me too, let's all give up.
  • (Uncertain) Aaare... you talking to me or..?
  • I can't hold this forever guys!
  • You fought bravely today. I will name all of my daughters in your honor, (snicker) Howard. (Laugh)

Aplopalypse Now

  • Howard?
    • Randy and Howard: Plop Plop?
    • Plop Plop: You guys!
  • I know! He was all "You wanna?" and I was all like "Not really" and he said "Wasn't asking" and well, 800 year old story short, I'm the guardian of the ball.
  • Ooh, what's a movie?
  • Sounds like fun! Actually, sounds like witchcraft.
  • And we're back to fun!
  • Aww, but I gotta guard the ball. Oh, well. Say hi to the witches for me.
  • You're the Ninja, you tell me.
  • We're going to the movies! And I don't know what that is!
  • (Chuckling and muttering) Over seventeen... (Normal) Uh yeah, I'm just a bit over seventeen. I'm 800 years old!
  • Did you say something? (shushed) You didn't hear anything?
  • (Laughing) Yes! Four stars up!
  • Best day I've had in 800 years, I'll tell ya that much!
  • Well, I guess this is goodbye. (Sniffs) Waterworks starting.
  • Yes, I was just walking away and I heard my name, thought you might need me.
  • I would say, nice to meet you, Mr. McFlubusters.
  • Best meal I've had in centuries. Centuries you guys, centuries.
  • Oh, that's because my tongue is covered in calluses.
  • Does you're garage have a secret seal that protects me from getting possessed by the ball's evil?
  • You said it was okay! At least, that's what I heard under that mask, it is hard to understand you.
  • (Possessed by Sorcerer) That's exactly what I'm doing!
  • (Possessed by Sorcerer) Use your signal!
  • (Possessed by Sorcerer)Tell me something I don't know!
  • (Possessed by Sorcerer) There is no Plop Plop. Only chaos.
  • Haha, duty.
  • (Between Possession) Too late Ninja, the seal is broken. My time as guardian is over. Can't fight him... much longer. Eye color...changing. 
  • (Entering Nomicon) Thank you, Ninja.
    • Randy: For what? If it wasn't for me, you'd still be safe in that temple.
    • Plop Plop: And I wouldn't have seen a movie, or eaten Apetizers, or hung with you guys, today was my best day ever! And I've had like centuries worth of days.
    • Randy: I'll miss you Plop Plop.
    • Plop Plop: Well you can visit me anytime you want, in the Nomicon!
  • (In Nomicon) Guys! I'm in the book! With First Ninja!


Randy Cunningham: 13th Century Ninja

Aplopalypse Now



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