Outtakes ("Bloopers") are a series of six animated shorts generally played after a full-length episode.


The shorts present the series Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja as if it were a live-action series; this reflects the number of live-action teen sitcoms that largely dominated Disney Channel, Disney XD, and other youth-oriented networks (such as Freeform or TeenNick) at the time. The characters often flub the scenes or talk to the other "actors." Six were made in all, but only five were released in America; the other one ("Fumble Fumble") can currently be found in only four languages: Hebrew, Latin American Spanish, Taiwanese accent Chinese and Mandarin accent Chinese. The shorts were (as several of them reference) directed by Shaun Cashman, even when the episode with which each is associated was directed by someone else.

Bloopers List

Bloopers Release date Referenced Episode
"Blooper Reel!" July 2nd 2015 "Julian's Birthday Surprise"
"Never Blame a Fart on Whoopee" July 5th 2015 "Whoopee 2: The Wrath of Whoopee 2"
"Trouble Hitting The Mark" July 10th 2015 "Rorg: A Hero of a Past"
"Fumble Fumble" July 11th 2015 "Fudge Factory"
"RC9GN Blooper Reel Featuring 'The Creep'" July 17th 2015 "When Howie Met Randy"
"The Plug Always Wins" July 23rd 2015 "The Fresh Principal of Norrisville High"


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