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Principal Slimovitz

Norrisville High is the high school in the town of Norrisville. For over 800 years, the grounds that Norrisville High was built on has been protected by a Ninja from the evil Sorcerer who is imprisoned deep underneath. Every four years a new freshman will be chosen to be the new Ninja.

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General Description

The school is a large white building with two floors. Inside, the recurring color theme is white and blue. There is multiple lockers throughout the hallways, and many windows to the outdoors. There is a large tower-like area next to the door with a clock.

Main Lobby

The main lobby of the school is very open. A mosaic of a fish is on the floor with the Carp's Eye in the center. Below the Carp's Eye is the Sorcerer's Prison. There's also the main staircase to the second floor. The lobby is sometimes used for school dances like the Dance Beneath the Stars. Student lockers line the walls.

Principal's Office

Principal Slimovitz's office has bookshelves, the principal's desk, and chairs for people who are called in, like students in trouble.


The classrooms usually include a chalkboard, desks, and a teacher's desk. Teachers decorate their rooms with items like posters. Depending on the type of class, each classroom has particular things; for example, the science classrooms have lab settings, and home economics classrooms have kitched appliances and tools.


The cafeteria includes red tables, a snack bar, the lunch line,  a sky light that's over the best table (which Randy and Howard call Shangri Lunch), a froyo machine, and attaching bathrooms.


The library is watched over by the librarian. There is many books to chose from and tables to sit down at in order to read or work on homework.


The school has multiple bathrooms, great for whenever the Ninja needs to dress-up.


The Norrisville High Gym is used for basketball games, tournaments, and other events at Norrisville. Underneath the gym is the Old Gym, which is full of old sports equipment.

Other Places

  • Auditorium
  • Ampitheater
  • Stadium


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