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The Ninja Scarf is worn with the Ninja Suit. Not only is it a stylish accessory but also a valuable and versatile weapon for the Ninja.

Uses of the Scarf

  • Lasso: The Ninja can use the scarf to grab objects, enemies, and people in danger. In "Stank'd to the Future", Randy used the scarf to grab the corsage in stanked Dickie's fanny pack, and drop it into a shredder.
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  • Grappling Hook: When in danger of falling, the Ninja can use the scarf to grab an object and prevent crash-landing. The Ninja also can use it to swing around and hit enemies. Randy saved himself from falling off of the McFist Industries building in "Gossip Boy", and from hitting the ground in "McFear Factor".
  • Whip: The Ninja is able to use the scarf to whack enemies, as seen in the game Punchocalypse and Ninja Sprint.
  • Neckwarmer: Like a normal scarf, it keeps the Ninja's neck real warm (as pointed out by Randy in the game Enter the Nomicon).
  • Parachute: The Ninja can use the scarf as a parachute when falling from high places.


  • When Randy is running, it's seen that the scarf has ridges on the ends, but when he stands still, the scarf's texture is flat.
  • The scarf seems to have some sort of way to prevent the user from being strangled, as shown in "Bash Johnson: 11th Grade Ninja".
  • Randy got mad when Howard make fun of it in "Monster Drill".
  • The First Ninja wore it as a headband.
  • In "Shloomp, There It Is!" Randy admits that he wasn't sold on the scarf before but now he thinks it looks really bruce.

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