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Ninja Balls are throwable weapons the Ninja uses. There are different types of balls, each kind with a unique ability.


Smoke Bombs

  • Releases smoke on impact
  • Helps the Ninja enter and exit sneakily

Hot Balls

  • Releases fire on impact

Cold Balls

  • Releases ice on impact

Glowing Balls

  • Light up dark spaces

Hoarking Balls

  • Heavy
  • Good for causing monsters and robots to hoark up victims

Tripping Balls

  • multiplies into smaller balls on impact to trip foes

Electro Balls

  • Releases electricity on impact

Hard Balls/Hoarking Balls

  • Heavy
  • Can force enemies to spit out victims

Slipping Balls

  • Releases a slippery substance on impact

Bee Ball

  • Releases a swarm of bees on impact

Fetching Balls

  • Tricks dog-like villains
  • Explodes shortly after caught,eaten or at the mouth by foe

Boom Ball

  • Explodes when the target is hit

Sticky Ball

  • Sticks to anything it hits

Tiny Giant Exploding Ball

  • Tiny but makes big explosion

Running Water Sound Effect Ball

  • Makes the enemy go to the bathroom to empty their "system"

Flash Ball

  • Flash light


  • The appearance of the electro balls differs between the online games (yellow with orange stripe) and the show (emerald with lime symbols).
  • As seen in "Stanks Like Teen Spirit", there is at least twenty varieties of balls.
  • The balls aren't labeled, leaving Randy and others to occasionally mistake them, like in "McFreaks".

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