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The NinjaNomicon, or simply the Nomicon, is an 800-year-old book that teaches the Ninja wisdom and skills.

About the Nomicon

Randy Cunningham receives the Nomicon in the first episode of the series, and using what he learns from it throughout the show, he helps keep Norrisville and the world safe from the forces of evil. Whenever Randy (or any Ninja) needs help or information about something, he can ask the NinjaNomicon. To answer questions, the Nomicon communicates telepathically to the Ninja whenever it isn't opened. However, those who look into its pages leave their physical bodies in a trance-like state while their minds enter the book; this process is known as "shloomping." There's a running gag in the series that whenever Randy goes into the Nomicon, he will fall to the ground and sometimes have the Nomicon hit his head.

It is hinted time and time again that the Nomicon may have a mind of its own. In "The Tale of the Golden Doctor's Note" when Randy "dissed" it, the book glowed and gave off a roar-like sound in response to him. In "Viva El Nomicon," when Randy was acting too confident in himself, the Nomicon locked itself up until he learned his lesson. It also spoke to Mac Antfee as shown in a flashback to Randy in "Ninja Camp."

The Nomicon may also have the power of Precognition. This is proven that the book seems to know in advance what kind of situation Randy is about to get into, and gives lessons which act as either warning and/or advice for that exact situation. For example, in "Stanks Like Teen Spirit," it warned Randy beforehand that his enemies were up to something, but Randy didn't take it to heart, and because of it, he woke up to find a lot of stanked monsters.

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Pages of the first ninja's memories in the Nomicon.

The Nomicon can also only be opened by the one who is chosen to be the Ninja. This was demonstrated in "Raiders of the Last Nomicon," when Viceroy, McFist, and even the Sorcerer attempted to open it with no success, although it's implied the Sorcerer's magic of red stank would have succeeded if Randy hadn't interfered. Howard failed to open it as well in "The Ninja Identity." However, it seems it can choose who can and cannot open it. Bucky Hensletter opened it in "Raiders of the Lost Nomicon" since he claimed it had "Non-school board approved ideas in it," and it also refused to open for Randy in "Viva El Nomicon."

In "Shloomp! There It Is!," once Howard notices that something is up with Randy (who is actually NomiRandy), he attempts to get into the Nomicon to figure out what happened to the real Randy. He threats the Nomicon countless times, but is unable to open it until he throws it at a garbage can, causing it to fly back at him, open, freeing the real Randy inside. When Randy escapes, he ends up in Howard's body instead of his own, which implies that the minds of those who enter the Nomicon do in fact get separated from their original physical bodies. Randy then goes to defeat NomiRandy in Howard's body, before returning himself to his own body, Howard into his, and NomiRandy back into the Nomicon, making things normal again.

While the Nomicon often leads Randy to the pages where it feels Randy needs to go, the NinjaNomicon doesn't seem to have the ability to deny him whenever Randy is particularly determined to go somewhere specific. Randy has on several occasions forced his way into the House of Forbidden Knowledge. Another such occasion is when Randy, despite the Nomicon's resistance, learned the Ultimate Lesson too early.

It's revealed in "The Ninja Supremacy," upon the Ninja's time ending, each one takes The Ultimate Lesson, whereby his mind is wiped and the Nomicon absorbs all his experiences so they can be passed on to the next Ninja.

Places within the Nomicon

Randy's training within the Nomicon takes place in calm natural sites like waterfalls, forests, and open spaces where the Ninja can, for example, practice throwing ninja balls, and sites found in traditional Japanese culture such as villages, temples (such as the one containing the "Forbidden Knowledge of the Shadow Warrior), and dojos. Important messages are usually hidden in a dragon's mouth or the dragon would bring Randy to the lesson; Ninja knowledge is sometimes conveyed by a shogun-figure.

Ninja Nomicon dojo 1

Appearances and Depictions

The Ninja Nomicon has very often used a samurai-like figure when presenting itself to Randy, as shown in "Sword Quest," "Bash Johnson: 11th Grade Ninja," "Pranks for Nothing" and "Randy Cunningham and the Sorcerer's Key." This persona is also shown in the lesson "What is wild should not be caged" in the episode "McFreaks."

Many of the arts inside the Nomicon's lessons and scenery, seem to be references or inspired by real art pieces. For instance, the skeleton in the lessons "Believe in the weapon that is in the suit" and, "A ninja must never endanger the innocent but must always defend the defenseless," is akin to the skeleton in the piece Takiyasha the Witch and the Skeleton Spectre, by Utagawa Kuniyoshi. The octopus from the lesson "When a ninja does wrong, he must own up to his mistakes," also resembles octopuses from other Kuniyoshi works. Other parts of the Nomicon's art resemble doodles and graffiti scribblings.


Season 1

  • "Believe in the weapon that is in the suit." - "Last Stall on the Left"
  • "The evil funk possesses the vulnerable using that which he most holds dear." - "Got Stank?"
  • "Centuries ago, a great war was waged between good and evil, between Ninja and Sorcerer, too powerful to destroy. The Dark One was locked deep underground, his prison sealed with a sacred stone. In the darkness he waits, wreaking havoc, possessing the vulnerable using that which they hold most dear, amassing power from chaos. Once he gains enough power, he will escape and darkness will reign. Preventing this is the sacred duty of the Ninja." - "So U Think U Can Stank"
  • "Beware the enemy who wears a hero's mask." - "McFists of Fury"
  • "The way to forget is to remember." - "Gossip Boy"
  • "A ninja must master the art of stealth." - "House of 1,000 Boogers"
  • "A ninja must never endanger the innocent, but he must always defend the defenseless." - "Monster Dump"
  • "When faced with a mighty enemy, counter with a mightier force." - "Attack of the Killer Potatoes"
  • "The best way to avoid an attack is to avoid an attack." - "The Tale of the Golden Doctor's Note"
  • "Art of Healing and how to undo it." - "Dawn of the Driscoll"
  • "The only knowledge a ninja can possess is the knowledge that he possesses no knowledge." - "Viva El Nomicon"
  • "Friendship is a weight the ninja cannot carry." - "30 Seconds to Math"
  • The Ninja Air Fist and "Respect is the key that opens all doors." - "Monster Drill"
  • The Ninja Smoke Bomb: "The Ninja Smokebomb is a tool of strategy, not a toy for show." and "Only from the sap of the Skunk Pine tree can a Ninja craft a bombs of smoke." - "Silent Punch, Deadly Punch"
  • How Dickie was frozen by the Ninja of '85 and "The knot not tied unravels." - "Stank'd to the Future"
  • "When a Ninja does wrong, he must own up to his mistakes." - "Wave Slayers"
  • "In the realm of the Ninja, a swordsmith crafts blades in a cauldron of fire." - "Sword Quest"
  • "The most dangerous enemy often wears the mask of an ally." - "Nukid on the Block"
  • "A ninja must know when winning is losing and losing is winning." - "Wienerman Up"
  • "Centuries ago, a great battle was fought between the ninja and an evil bird demon; the Tengu. The demon was too strong to defeat until a ninja found the source of the Tengu's great power. The demon feathers infused the ninja suit with mysterious powers. Upon defeating the Tengu, the ninja imprisoned it in a sacred stone. It can only be released by the hand of ninja. The Tengu and the Ninja are forever linked, their strengths are shared." - "Evil Spirit Week"
  • The Art of Escape and "Deceit often comes at a price." - "Grave Puncher: The Movie!"
  • "Let the warrior who holds the weapon fight the battle." - "Escape from Detention Island"
  • "Once the ninja is known, he can never be unknown." - "Bash Johnson: 11th Grade Ninja"
  • The use of the other ninja balls (hot, cold, electro, etc.), "To underestimate your enemy is to invite your defeat." and the apocalypse of the Sorcerer's escape - "Stanks Like Teen Spirit"
  • "The tiger who refuses to get his paws wet catches no fish." - "Raiders of the Last Nomicon"
  • "The art of disguise: A master can alter his physical appearance by focusing on his ninja energy, but be warned, lose focus and the energy will master the ninja." - "Secret Stache"
  • "Stay grounded, do not waver. The dirt itself will pay you a favor. To stop your foes and hold them back. Harness the soil for an earth attack." and "Words can be more powerful than the sword." - "Hiphopocalypse Now"
  • "The questions of the present can be answered by the past." and Mac Antfee's firing - "Ninja Camp"
  • "To control your fear, you must embrace your fear." - "McFear Factor"
  • "And so it was that the First Ninja cast the Sorcerer into a bottomless pit, and sealed it with the Eye of Eternity. The Ninja locked the stone with a magic key. Knowing the key was too dangerous to possess, the Ninja hid it away. Then every one hundred years the key reveals its resting place in hopes of being found. That time is now." and "The Sorcerer Key must be found immediately. The sunlight and the stone will work together to guide you." - "Randy Cunningham and the Sorcerer's Key"
  • The Ultimate Lesson in "The Ninja Identity" and "Enter the Nomicon", and more information about it in "The Ninja Supremacy."
  • "If you abuse the power, you lose the power." - "Swampy Seconds"
  • "The gain is rarely worth the loss." - "McSatchlé"
  • "The unknown ally can be more dangerous than the known enemy." - "Fart-Topia"
  • "A ninja's hand is to give, not to take." - "The McHugger Games"
  • "What is wild, should not be caged." - "McFreaks"
  • "The eyes can be deceived, but the nose always knows." - "Sorcerer in Love"
  • "He who crosses the line must prepare for the fall that follows." - "Pranks for Nothing"
  • "When the ninja is no longer needed, the ninja shall lay down his sword." - "Lucius O'Thunderpunch"
  • "The ninja who looks the other way fails to see the attack." - "Bring Me the Head of Ranginald Bagel!"
  • "A problem at a distance may be a solution up close." - "Weinerman Tested, Cunningham Approved"
  • "A hero sacrifices all to save the day." - "Sorcerer in Love 2: The Sorceress's Revenge"
  • "Provoke your enemy and he will fight back." - "McOne Armed and Dangerous"
  • "A ninja without balance will fall." - "Shloomp! There It Is!"
  • "You cannot right the future until you write the past." - "Randy Cunningham: 13th Century Ninja"

Season 2


Episodes Without a Lesson

Other Interesting Info from/about the Nomicon

  • Hidden in both "Last Stall on the Left" and "Viva El Nomicon," "A wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind."
    • In the same two episodes, information about a Zom-Bully can be found.
  • Joel McHale voices the Nomicon when it condemns Mac Antfee in "Ninja Camp," in "Randy Cunningham and the Sorcerer's Key," and in "The Ninja Supremacy." He also voices the First Ninja.
  • The NinjaNomicon's name is inspired by the Necronomicon.
  • In "Enter the Nomicon," it is revealed that in the Nomicon, anything is possible.
  • Usually, only the Ninja can get into the Nomicon, but Howard goes into the Nomicon in "Shloomp! There It Is!" and Debbie Kang does the same in "Debbie Meddle."
  • The Nomicon will tend to facepalm itself whenever Randy misunderstands its lessons.
  • During "Randy Cunningham and the Sorcerer's Key," when explaining the key the Nomicon appears to be arguing with itself, implying that it contains more then one consciousness.
  • When the background is translated it usually contains random words, which could either imply more then one consciousness or that the kanji were simply for show.
  • One of the translations says, "He was a reit mekai" which is Japanese for "He was a real estate agent"; the same translation also says, "I don't want to fall in line," which is about the past Ninja.
  • One of the translations from "Gossip Boy" says, "What is it?" multiple times before Howard draws on Randy's face.
  • As revealed in "Sword Quest," the universe Randy lives in is dubbed "the Realm of the Ninja" by the Nomicon.
  • Whenever the Nomicon deems a Ninja to no longer be worthy of the mask, it uses a certain line. For Mac Antfee it was,"You are condemned for conduct unbecoming a Ninja, turn in your mask!" in "Ninja Camp." For Randy it was, " You are guilty of conduct unbecoming a Ninja, turn in your mask!" in "Debbie Meddle"
  • The NinjaNomicon was very different in the series pilot, originally not having magical properties and appearing rather to be a mere handbook, which Randy reads normally during the fight with Tyranobot/Dinobot. It had a mere blank cover rather than an ornately worked one.
  • The Nomicon may not be all-knowing, as the lesson "Friendship is a weight the Ninja cannot carry" proves to be wrong, inasmuch as Howard has surprisingly proven to be one of Randy's greatest assets.
  • The background in "The Ninja Supremacy" when translated asks Randy, "What's your name?" to see if he still has amnesia. It even says, "We're here to help," to let Randy know that it's an ally, not an enemy.

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