Neil Apestrong is an ape that has been to the moon. He lives in the Norrisville Zoo in Norrisville.

Apestrong is briefly shown in "McFists of Fury," and has an important role in "Rise of the Planet of the Robo-Apes." In "The Space Cow-Bros," he has an important role.


  • He is named after the famous astronaut Neil Armstrong, who actually did go to the moon.
  • He can communicate with other apes, as when he talks to the Robo-Apes in "Rise of the Planet of the Robo-Apes."
  • He has a float in the McFistival Parade in "Bring Me the Head of Ranginald Bagel!"
  • He is married and lives outside of Norrisville.
  • Apparently, he is the only animal of the show who is in the good side.

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