Mrs. Dempsey
Cafeteria Lady
Character information
Gender Female
Species Human
Hair color Medium reddish-brown
Eye color Green
Affiliations Neutral
Occupation Cafeteria lady at Norrisville High
Residence Norrisville
Friends Miss Wickwhacker
Interests Serving disgusting food to students
First Episode Gossip Boy
Latest Episode The Prophecy of Hat Sword
Voiced by Grey DeLisle

Mrs. Dempsey is the cafeteria lady at Norrisville High.

In "Gossip Boy", she is seen grinding up a roadkill squirrel to make tacos for taco Tuesday. She is also seen zombiefied in "Night of the Living McFizzles". When she de-zombiefied, she vomited into a pot and continued cooking the same pot. She also briefly appeared in "Silent Punch, Deadly Punch". Most of the students are disgusted by her cooking but Howard is only who seem to like her cooking. She manages to make chili sauce that is able to melt metal.

Images and Appearances

Gossip Boy

Der Monster Klub

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