Mr. Bannister
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Character information
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair color Blond
Eye color Black
Occupation Teacher at Norrisville High
Residence Norrisville
Aliases Mr. B (by Randy)
Spouses Mrs. Bannister
First Episode Last Stall on the Left
Voiced by Neil Flynn

Mr. Bannister is an English teacher at Norrisville High.


  • He has had speaking roles in "Last Stall on the Left," "Sorcerer in Love," and "To Smell and Back."
  • He's somewhat of a freestyle teacher as he accepts Randy's ripped-up essay, calling it a good use of metaphor, as an acceptable B grade.
  • He is shown in the opening theme speaking to S. Ward Smith.
  • In "Shloomp! There It Is!", it was revealed that Randy and Howard both have him for 1st Period.
  • He is the first teacher to appear in the show.
  • His name was revealed in "Sorcerer in Love," when Howard and Randy dashed out of the class, saying, "No time, Mr. Bannister!"
  • He gave Bash Johnson his first "B" at Norrisville High. He did this purely to make Bash stop talking.
  • He also gives Principal Slimovitz (!!!) an "A" to stop asking inconvenient questions.
  • At least in Howard's fantasy, he shares the general contempt everyone seems to feel for Doug; at first horrified when he sees that the Intraterrestrials have transformed a student to stone, he admits he's not sure how he feels about it when he sees that Doug is the student in question.


Note: * -Background Appearance


Last Stall on the Left

Stanks Like Teen Spirit

Sorcerer in Love

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