Miss Wickwhacker
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Character information
Gender Female
Species Human
Hair color Dark natural blonde
Eye color Black
Occupation Band Instructor of the Norrisville High Marching Band at Norrisville High
Residence Norrisville
Friends Cafeteria Lady
First Episode Got Stank?
Voiced by Grey DeLisle

Miss Wickwhacker is the band instructor of the Norrisville High Marching Band at Norrisville High.


Miss Wickwhacker is tall with dark golden-brown hair and black eyes. She wears a light blue shirt underneath a red jacket with the sleeves rolled up, dark gray jeans, white socks, and dark gray dress shoes. She always wears a whistle around her neck.


Miss Wickwhacker's very strict, loud and militant, like a gym teacher or even an army sergeant. She has a strict no showboating policy. She seems to be a disciplinarian for more than the band, being in charge of detention for normal students. She wants to students to show respect to her and her baton, and is very pleased when Randy realizes he needs to do this in "Monster Drill."

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