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McFist Industries is a huge company originally founded by Father McFist, and currently owned and operated by Hannibal McFist in Norrisville. The company owns and sells pretty much everything.


Fifty years ago, Father McFist founded McFist Industries when he created his first product, McSquiddles. Eventually, he gave the business to his eldest son, Terry. However, Terry didn't want to be a businessman, so once every year, Terry must sign McFist Industries over to his younger brother, Hannibal (this was revealed in "Fart-Topia").

In modern day, Hannibal is the owner of McFist Industries. His on-call scientist Viceroy makes a lot of his products. Everyone in Norrisville loves McFist, unaware that he works for the Sorcerer and constantly attempts to destroy the Ninja.

Although there are human workers, a lot of workers are Robo-Apes, who often work on jobs like the assembly lines, secretarial work, and destruction of the Ninja.

McFist Products


  • McSquiddles
  • McFizzios
  • McMeatStache
  • McBubble Slam
  • McFistois


  • McKicks
  • McTops
  • McHoodies
  • McShorties
  • McTighties
  • McHuggers
  • McSatchle


  • McPeepers
  • McFistPad
  • McPooper
  • McStickIt Glue
  • McFuzzBuzzer
  • McFrying Pan
  • McStove


  • McFistTunes
  • McFillings
  • McCedes
  • McAwesome
  • McFissues
  • McSterminator

Owned Businesses



Inside the Factory

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