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Mac Antfee
Mac Antfee.png
Character information
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair color Orange-brown
Eye color Black
Affiliations Before: Neutral, Chaotic Evil
Now: Good
Occupation Norrisville Ninja (formerly)
Student of Norrisville High around 1985
Teacher of Ninja Camp (formerly)
Motivational Speaker
Residence Norrisville (when younger)
Friends Man-Gong
Enemies Randy Cunningham (formerly)
The Sorcerer (formerly)
Howard Weinerman (formerly)
Interests Gaining the Ninja Mask to kick every butt in Norrisville (formerly)
Inspiring people
First Episode Stank'd to the Future (as a teenager in the NinjaNomicon)

Ninja Camp (first official appearance as an adult)

Voiced by David Koechner

I'm Mac Antfee, world-famous butt-whooper!

–Mac Antfee, "Ninja Camp"

Mac Antfee was the Ninja around 1985, more recently the owner and teacher of Ninja Camp, and currently a motivational speaker.


Tumblr mmgtmogjpF1r00cmno1 1280.jpg

Becoming the Ninja in the early 1980's (or possibly the late 1970's, since he graduated in 1985, but was the Ninja for five or six years), Mac was probably similar to most ninjas, courageous and heroic. However, after being the Ninja longer than four years, the usual time, he began to turn into an uncaring, aggressive ninja. This is shown in the first mention of Mac in "Stank'd to the Future," when he was not fulfilling his ninja duty of helping a stanked student because he preferred to have fun at the prom of 1985 instead. Sometime afterwards, as shown in "Ninja Camp," the NinjaNomicon condemned him and prevented him from remaining as the Ninja, taking away the mask. Furious, Mac vowed to get the Ninja Mask back and kick every butt in Norrisville for revenge. Because he never got mind-wiped, the memory of the power of the Ninja Suit corrupted Mac, making him crazy and villainous. He is very ambitious and determined, always desiring to be the best, and thinking people who help others are losers and "nicewads." Randy called him out on "selfish ninja-ing," implying that he disliked him.

Mac Antfee disliked Randy in turn, because according to Mac, Randy did not have the ruthless attitude and skills of a Ninja. Conceited, aggressive, and uncaring, Mac showed no mercy to anyone, and attempted to convince anyone who passed through his training that the Ninja should be destroyed in order to obtain the mask and revenge on the Nomicon. His desire for the mask was so extreme that he would do dark deeds to obtain it, such as holding Howard over a waterfall and threatening to drop him if the Ninja didn't hand over the mask.


After letting go of Howard, he escaped, but vowed to return again and defeat the Ninja. Because he has past experience as the Ninja, Mac knows that fighting him is a bad idea, and built a metal cage that is ninja-proof. Randy, however, tricked him into thinking he had escaped by using a smokebomb and hiding on the ceiling so that he'd open the cage. He has an obese follower that he uses as a "man-gong" by striking him with a foam hand on a stick.

When a good guy, as seen in "Enter the Nomicon," Mac is actually very friendly and caring, wanting to inspire people with his "You-Splosion." Thankful to Man-Gong, and forgiving to Randy and Howard, Mac truly seems to be a changed man, but he still struggles to keep his insane, power-hungry personality back. Once Randy completely mind-wipes him, Mac is permanently nice, suggesting to Man-Gong that they go feed an orphanage, and happily waving good-bye to Randy and Howard.


As the former Norrisville Ninja, Mac had all the powers the Ninja Suit gave him. He knows that everything is possible in the Nomicon, presumably through the additional two years he was the Ninja, Mac knew more techniques than Randy knew at the time. Even without the Ninja Suit, Mac was shown to have be extremely skilled in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat. Mac, as state above, knows fighting the ninja is a ridiculous idea so he built a ninja-proof cage made of unknown material.

In "Enter the Nomicon," when Mac was in the Nomicon he was able to unlock his old Ninja powers and since Mac Antfee was the ninja for far longer than Randy, he was able to gain powers far beyond Randy. He demonstrated many abilities that Randy didn't even learn yet like the Hydro Hand (which Randy later used) and the Comet Sprint, despite not wearing the mystical Ninja Suit. While being in the Nomicon, Mac was able to create/materialize or summon/conjure objects (i.e. weapons like a doodle sword, spears, rings, running shoes, and armor out of thin air) or beings (i.e. a doodle monster and heads of himself) out of thin air/nothing. He also summoned extra limbs like two additional arms and a longed spiked-club tail by thinking of it and shaping his additional arms into hammers or stretching them to incredible lengths. Mac also demonstrated a walk-running ability while fighting Randy.


Randy Cunningham

Mac Antfee dislikes Randy almost on sight, because, according to Mac, Randy did not have the attitude and skills of a Ninja. During Randy's stay at Ninja Camp, Mac starts pelting Randy with insults, and encourages his students, even Howard, to beat Randy down by fighting dirty. In return, Randy is frustrated at Mac Antfee, due to passing the buck of Stankified Dickie to him, seeing him doing and allowing unfair tricks during his stay in the camp, and his cruel, unjust, even psychotic attitude towards winning. Upon learning that Mac got expelled from being the ninja any longer, Randy decided to give Mac what's coming to him, now realizing that Mac is out to get the mask and kick every butt in Norrisville, only for Mac to get away.

Fan of the ninja.png

As of "Enter the Nomicon", it may be assumed that he and Randy are on good terms since the Nomicon mind-wiped him in the aforesaid episode.

Howard Weinerman

Howard opines that Mac Antfee is the coolest ninja he had ever met, upsetting Randy in the process. In return, Mac encourages Howard to be the best ninja in Ninja Camp, though not in a way the Norrisville Ninja fights.

Read my mind.png

Howard even follows Mac's example, up until the point where he discovers that Mac plans on destroying the ninja and get his mask. After succeeding on trapping Randy, Mac decided to hold Howard over a waterfall and threatening to drop him if the Ninja didn't hand over the mask, only for Randy to save Howard in a nick of time. From that point on, it might be assumed that Mac is also Howard's enemy. However, as of "Enter the Nomicon," Mac and Howard are also in good terms.


He supposedly never followed the Nomicon's advice back in 1985, nor carried out his duty as the Norrisville Ninja.

Nomicon condemned.png

Having enough of his selfish, irresponsible, and violent ways, the Nomicon expelled Mac Antfee from being the ninja anymore, which caused Mac Antfee to develope a hatred towards the Norrisville Ninja and develop an obsession on getting the mask back.

Kick butt.png

He knows the fact that anything is possible in the Nomicon (until he was mind-wiped in "Enter the Nomicon")


When Dickie got stanked by the Sorcerer during Prom Night in 1985, Mac decided to lock him in the cafeteria freezer so he wouldn't miss the prom, passing the problem down to a future ninja (Randy).


I'm shocked.png

Not much is known of the relationship between the two of them, but it is hinted that this obese man in ninja garb is very loyal to Mac Antfee till the very end. Mac Antfee doesn't really see him as a warrior student, but a personal man-gong instead, much to the obese ninja's discomfort. They're on good terms, as revealed in "Enter the Nomicon." After Mac Antfee finally gets mind-wiped by the Nomicon with help of Randy, Man-Gong is more than a little creeped out that Mac Antfee has become a good guy and doesn't remember wanting to get revenge on the Norrisville Ninja.



Mac sees Braedon as a worthy student after Randy helps him in one of Mac's obstacle courses and Braeden treacherously use Randy's kindness to his advantage to drop him and win the match.


  • Mac Antfee appears briefly in "Stank'd to the Future" when the Nomicon is explaining to Randy about Dickie.
  • He is revealed to be the Ninja of 1985.
  • According to himself in "Enter the Nomicon," Mac was the Ninja for six years, an unusual amount of time for a student to be the Ninja.
  • Since he says to Randy, "There's no shame in losing to the Class of '85, because we rock!" he almost certainly graduated in that year, meaning he was a senior during the 1985 Prom. Assuming that he remained the Ninja for two extra years due to either repeating grade two times or by simply refusing to give up role for a two years after graduation, he probably entered Norrisville High either in 1979 or 1981.
  • He is an expy of John Kreese from The Karate Kid.
  • He is also similar to Rex from Napoleon Dynamite.
  • He did find out that Randy is the ninja in "Enter the Nomicon," but he forgets it after being mind-wiped.
  • He might have known McFist, who also went to Norrisville High in 1985, but their relationship is unknown.
  • As of "Enter the Nomicon," Mac Antfee is now permanently good.
  • He is seen briefly in "Swampy Seconds" in an Ace card when the Nomicon warns Randy that "if he abuses his ninja powers, he will lose them."
  • He is the first villain in the whole series to reform.
  • His sword, which he used in "Ninja Camp," seems to be a replica of the Ninja's.
    • Also, the book he used for the Mac Antfee Loyalty Oath has a similar design to the NinjaNomicon's.
  • His name shows a great deal of similarity with the name of Anti-Virus scanner McAfee (possibly implying that he should be concerned with "defense).
  • Implied by Scott Thomas in Secrets of the 9, Mac and McFist during their time in Norrisville High seemed to be best friends, until something terrible happened between them and caused their relationship to sour and later fell out.
    • He added that Randy would finally bring peace to both McFist and Mac if Randy himself would end his enmity with McFist once and for all.

Images and Appearances

Ninja Camp

Enter the Nomicon

Swampy Seconds



  • Mac Antfee: "I'm Mac Antfee! World famous butt whooper!" – Ninja Camp
  • Mac Antfee: "MAN-GONG!" - Ninja Camp
  • Mac Antfee (to Randy after he has failed to cross the finish line): "WHAT WAS THAT!?"
    • Randy: "Braedon needed help."
    • Mac Antfee: (mocking) " ‘Braedon needed help.’ " (to Randy) "That little weasel out-ninja'd you!" – Ninja Camp
  • Mac Antfee (to the Ninja): "Hand over the mask!" – Ninja Camp
  • Mac Antfee (to Randy): "I was the ninja for five years!"

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