The List of Errors is a page which marks the series' certain notable animation errors, even (though on rare occasions) in the plot.

Animation Errors

In General

  • There are many times where one or more characters in the background appear in two different places.
  • One normal and constant error is for hairstyles to switch sides where the examples are Theresa's hair streaks and Morgan's ponytail. This lessen in some later episodes.
    • A more obvious example of this is in "Night of the Living McFizzles," when Howard's zombie face keeps switching sides.
    • A door appears on the right side of the school, supposedly leading to the gym (as shown in "McNinja - Brought to You by McFist"), but it seems where Randy and Howard's lockers are and that there's just a window on the inside.
    • Randy and Howard also continuously switch between the lockers under the stairs.


  • In "Blooper Reel!", when Randy is sitting at the table, his butt is not touching the seat, so it seem that he floats.
  • In "Fumble Fumble," when the backside of the Ninja suit is ripped, the red patterns on Randy's wrist are not fully attached.
  • In the same blooper, when the Robo-Ape pulls down the pants of the suit, Randy’s skin can be seen under the left of his leg despite being covered.

Season 1

Last Stall on the Left

  • When Randy is holding up the NinjaNomicon, it has one symbol on each edge with two swirls, despite the original art showing 5.
  • As Randy's about to hit his robot toy, the outline and white of his left eye cut in the middle as if pieced together.
  • When Randy faces the krackenstein, the norisu nine symbol on his chest is reversed.
  • As Bash is chasing Bucky his arm cuts off suddenly.

Got Stank?

  • Before Randy smokebombs away, he puffs out his chest, but his scarf cannot be seen behind him.
  • In the same episode, when Bucky runs away naked, his butt cheek appears to disconnect from his backside.

So you think you can stank?

  • During one scene in the Norrisville High Talent Show, Howard appears to be in two places at once.
  • In the same episode a strange splash of yellow appears on the white strip on Theresa's dress for a brief few frames.
  • Again when Randy brings out his knife-sickles, they overlap his fingers on his right hand and his mask's patterns are severely messed up.
  • When Randy stomps on Juggo's head, his legs and feet become thinner.
  • Before jumping on Juggo's head Randy's feet thin out again, and this time the pattern behind his foot also overlaps.
  • When turning to look at Juggo, the patterns on Randy's chest disappear.
  • As Randy uses his ninja spikes, they are cut off incorrectly, leaving a line on the edge of his feet.
  • When Randy asks why trashing Juggo's pins didn't work, Randy's left hand appears to be over his knife-sickle rather than holding it.
  • When Randy runs towards Juggo to grab his tricycle, his arm goes through his neck and then through his head.
  • As Randy uses his knife-sickle on Juggo's tricycle, the Norisu Nine crest appears on it, despite not being there originally.
  • When Howard is talking to Randy onstage, Howard's palms are round instead of sharp as they should be.
  • When Juggo gets destanked, for a few frames his pupil goes over his eyelid.
  • When sliding under Juggo, Randy's knife-sickles appear to look like harpoons for a brief scene.
  • Several background characters are duplicated in the stands as well.
  • When Randy turns to see stanked Theresa, the patterns around his right wrist disappear for a brief frame.
  • When Theresa screams in Randy's face, his lower eyelids are round, not sharp; his upper right eyelid is round, not sharp.
  • In one moment when zoomed into Randy’s face, his left eye is curved despite never doing such.
  • When Randy is fighting the dancing fish in the background he jumps at one point and his legs become thin and streched.
  • When Theresa gets stanked and shouts, her animation is missing her tongue for a frame that is reused throughout the scene.
  • When randy finally sees the damage Howard is causing, his right eyebrow and eye are somewhat off proportion.
  • As Howard taunts the dancing fish the lighting in his hair vanishes for a few frames(this is very quick).
  • There is a garage door on the end of the school hallway and a gymnasium door that leads nowhere.
  • Further, when Theresa wipes her eyes, her baton goes through her shoulder.
  • In the background a human version of Steve Riley can be seen, but his bottom half is gone.
  • After Dave is destanked, the stank overlaps the outline around Randy's head.
  • Theresa and Howard's batons change to be an orange-red with holes despite being yellow with none a few scenes earlier.
  • When the dancing fish are krumping towards Randy, the purple one is in the back but the next scene she is suddenly in front.
  • While Randy is chasing the stank down the hall, the red patterns under Randy's feet are too small.
    • Furthermore, Randy goes to jump off a locker, but he is far too small.
    • Moreover, Randy pushes the school doors open, but two fingers on his left hand merge into one.
  • When Randy appears on stage, Howard can still be seen tied up and moves as the screen does.
  • As Randy appears in the smoke bomb his arm goes through his scarf.
  • As Randy appears in the smoke bomb his crotch detaches from his body and suddenly has the red pattern on his stomach going through it.
  • When the Dancing Fish smack him as he appears, the red patterns on his face detach.
  • When Howard is dancing while mocking the Dancing Fish, the bottom of his left eye vanishes for a moment.
  • As Randy punches the dancing fish, the outline of his hand vanishes.
  • When Randy dodges, the patterns on his mask detach again.
  • As Howard laughs while the crowd chants "Mean judge!" his bottom lip and teeth look like they're sticking out to far.
  • When Randy leaps towards the dancing fish, one piece of his outline on his chin is missing making it appear his arm and chin are connected.
  • When randy gets punched by the dancing fish the red patterns on his chest and feet vanish.
  • When fighting the Dancing Fish Randy's foot becomes much larger than normal.
  • When fighting the Dancing Fish Randy's shoulder duplicates.
  • Before the Dancing Fish punch Randy, Morgan and Heidi are missing their bracelets.
  • When Randy sweeps the Dancing Fish, his scarf (including its outline) disappears around his neck.
  • When the Chaos Pearls/Sorcerer's Balls return to him, there are only seven, despite having 14 in season 1 and his belt being empty.
  • When Howard says the crowd loves him his hand curves unnaturally, as well the line art on his sleeve vanishes.
  • As Randy faces the dancing fish in the background there arms are seen but there bodies are gone.
  • when the Dancing Fish screams at Morgan, her sleeve disappears again.
  • When Morgan and Heidi are gasping at the Dancing Fish merging, Morgan's sleeve vanishes.
  • The Sorcerer's hood appears soft and as if it's covering his face more as opposed to how sharp and pointy it usually looks.
  • As Howard is tied up watching Randy fight, his pants are shaded in properly as the top is light green while the rest is entirely a darker shade.
  • Once Randy hits the ground the audio for him falling continues to play despite already falling.
  • moreover Once randy hits the ground, the crater left behind doesn’t fully match up to his body.
  • When Howard is telling Randy he’s getting pwned the animation appears to pause mid sentence.
  • Howard gives Randy a thumbs-up despite being tied up.
  • When the dancing fish merge and it cuts to Randy, the red outline around his eyes cuts off abruptly at the upper left and lower right of his eyes.
  • When Randy is about to smokebomb off stage, his legs bend unnaturally.
  • As Morgan walks on stage the outline on her arm vanishes.
  • As Randy’s about to throw his ninja tripping balls, his eyes are missing the sharp edge there supposed to have.
  • As the dancing fish fall from the tripping balls, there right leg’s Foot disappears.
  • As the crowd cheers Howard’s shoes can be seen but the left one is missing the white circle that is supposed to be on the back.
  • As randy turns during the talent show, the word “carp” is reversed.
  • When randy and Howard fist bump Randy’s face is cuts off to soon and even his hair overlays the top of the carp suit.

Gossip Boy

  • When speaking to randy, Howard’s jacket at the collar loses it’s darker color and the lining around his arm.
  • As Randy stops to see the roboape watching Mrs. Dempsey the red pattern detaches again.
  • When Howard says “Oohh I can totally use a mindwipe! You know that stupid whoopee world commercial?”, his mouth does not match up to what is being said.
  • At the start of Heidi’s introduction in this episode, she hits the middle button on a device that makes a cheering sound, but later in the scene when insulting Howard, she hits the same button but it now makes boo sounds.
  • When pushing Howard for secrets, Heidi's laptop does not show her camera loaded despite live streaming this entire conversation.
  • As Randy walks away from the vomiting roboape his arm becomes to thin.
  • When Mcfist returns Randy and Howard to norrisville high the windows on the school go all the way down through the ground, only stopping at the concrete.
  • When Randy fights the Robo-apes in Mcfist industries and jumps to the vending machines his eyes are now glowing a bright white for a good amount of frames.
  • When running down Mcfist industries the patterns on the suit continually vanish as well his leg goes over lays his crotch.
  • As Randy swings into the vents the red patterns disappear yet again, and the scarf disconnects.
  • As Randy runs through the vents the red patterns are gone again.

Weinerman Up

  • at the start of the episode, Randy is leaning on the window, but he swaps places twice.
  • When Howard says he’ll beat Randy at any game his right arm vanishes.

The Ninja Identity and The Ninja Supremacy

  • throughout this special, Howard is wearing a costume with gray hair for the history report he and Randy worked together on. But when Randy pulls the Ninja Mask off of Howard, his normal hair and eyebrows are seen before they're back to gray in the next shot.
    • In the same episode when First Ninja is telling Randy about the ultimate lesson, his ear loses its lobe.
    • As the students cheer for Howard, Unnamed girl with green shirt's arm vanishes for a frame.
    • Furthermore, when Randy is first mind-wiped, Howard's side is completely gone other than his outline and arm; this isn't fixed until he puts away the broken Van Dam model.

McFist's of Fury

  • when Randy faces McFist with his kaginawa, the red patterns on the mask again detach.

Stank'd to the Future

  • when Randy explains "Stanknesia" the red patterns detach again.
  • Randy’s sword handle sticks completely out despite being handled by him.
  • When Randy is surprised by the Monica mo robot the bottom handle of his sword cuts off randomly.
  • When discovering it was Tawny, the patterns detach again.

House of 1,000 Boogers

  • In the overview of the episode, some of the characters can be seen twice.
  • As Randy runs down the hall of Mcfist industries he pulls the mask over his face but it vanishes for a brief set of frames.
  • When the machine shows Viceroy his skin appears green for a scene.
  • After admitting his secret identity because of McFist's device in "30 Seconds to Math," Randy's eyes are normal, when they were yellow earlier, as Howard walks through the crowd in a shot.
  • Bash continually punches Unnamed boy with freckles despite already giving him a Bash mark.
  • When Randy flip into the scene at the beginning, the red patterns detach again.

Silent Punch, Deadly Punch

  • when Randy jumps out of the fake chimney, the chair next to him is empty. But in the next scene, Bash and "Santa" are sitting in it.
    • In the same episode, Randy uses his old sword, but also uses Ninja Rage, which he learned after he got his new sword.
    • When the Creep is seen stuffing shrimp, his hair is brown instead of orange and his entrée's sprinkles are floating above it.
    • When Randy touch's the vent and it's opening falls off it not only hits the ground twice but it falls unnaturally to the floor sliding off screen.
    • When Marci is happily dancing over the skunk pine, her shoulder dislocates slightly.
    • When Randy is sliding towards the vent his neck is far to low, or it can be assumed the markings are to low, a part of the outline for his chin is gone as well.
    • As Randy checks the vent his fingers appear to be slightly dislocated.
    • The red patterns detach yet again when Randy looks at at McFist's ship, and when he's mocking Mcfist for not ninja-proofing his house.
    • In the same scene(where he claims he snagged his tree) you can see the background slightly in the top corner of Randy's eye.
    • in the same scene as he is mocking him, in the version aired on television the quality is very low and makes it appears that the snow is blurring and merging Randy's leg and thigh into the background, this was fixed in the purchasable version online as the quality was repaired drastically.
    • As well there is a frame where the red pattern on Randy's wrist is gone this frame was removed in the buyable version, it's believed to be because of this and it was not cleanable.
    • While watching the ship place the skunk pine in Mcfists industries, Randy's arm appears to be outlined at the shoulder where it shouldn't.
    • This also happens as he slides towards the ventsAs well when watching it the room can be seen underneath him showing there are three gold lids on the left table, no cups, and tables lined with cups on the right, but once Randy has gotten in this has changed as now the table with cups is on the left and there are only to gold lidded platers now with the three being on the right.
    • not only this but the background characters feet are not entirely on the steps.

Ninja Camp

  • when Mac Antfee is holding up the book of the loyalty oath, the storyboard can still be seen on the far right corner of its cover.
  • At the beginning of the episode when Mac's commercial ends, Howard pulls the credit card out of the computer screen (though this is very quick).
  • When Randy and Howard are facing Mac‘s ninjas the norisu symbol on the chest of Randy’s ninja suit reverses.

Raiders of the Lost Nomicon

  • when Randy reaches to grab the Nomicon from Howard, his hands are completely off from his arms.
  • As the roboape is carrying paper it’s hand detaches from its fingers.
  • As bash mocks frank the roboape, his hand isn’t holding the nomicon and it appears to be floating.
  • When Randy is climbing the vents in Mcfists industries his hand cuts off before even touching the vent.

Attack of the Killer Potatoes

  • when Randy and Howard are brainstorming for a science project, it's nighttime; that night and the following day pass, even though Mrs. Driscoll had previously said the science fair was "tomorrow."
    • In the same episode, when McFist asks why Viceroy didn't have a robot, his neck loses its outline until he turns.
    • Further, when Bash's project starts bashing its fists together, the cat inside loses its right whiskers.
    • When Randy crosses his arms his left arm detaches.
    • When dodging the Catbot the red patterns on Randy's feet disappear.

The Tale of the Golden Doctor's Note

  • as Randy checks the lockers for a single frame, his arms completely disappear.
  • When Coach green gets off the phone his bottom half vanishes, this is difficult to spot however as his jacket tends to cover it up or stick out similarly.
  • When Julian first appears in the lockers the outline for his head can still be seen even through his hair and hat.
  • As Howard jumps to follow Randy his arm detaches.
  • When Julian grabs Howard he makes a high pitched squeal that sounds identical to Randy's.
  • When Randy runs towards Howard and gets hit by Stanked Julian the red patterns again detach.
  • When Randy kicks Stanked Julian the red patterns disappear yet again.
  • When Randy tries to stop Howard from showing his "doctor's note" for a very quick frame his arms are gone again.

Rise of the Planet of the Robo-Apes

  • as Randy hangs on to the carousel, his legs bend in an unnatural way.
  • The Creep's hair is once again brown instead of orange.

Weinerman tested, Cunningham approved

  • As Randy cuts the light pole to destroy the mcrobot the outline for his torso vanishes.

Dawn of the Driscoll

  • when Randy and Viceroy first get in the car, Mrs. Driscoll is wearing her lab coat; however, when they reached Jerry's secret hideout, Mrs. Driscoll is wearing her skeleton costume again. In the same episode at the end when Randy and Howard look into Mrs. Driscoll's class room, Randy is seen with his cow costume, but in the next segment the cow costume is gone.
  • When Randy is reading thought the scroll for art of healing the paper overlays his hand.
  • When looking up Randy's nose is to high up.

Viva El Nomicon

  • when Randy is trying to open the Nomicon, Randy's mask can be seen with no lines on the lower part of it.
    • At the beginning, after Randy bumps into Bash the under of his eyes and the right tip of his teeth are a dark blue instead of a light blue.
    • Near the end of the same episode, when McFist calls to ban Viceroy from Whoopee World, he glitches out for a few frames before jumping back to normal.

Monster Dump's

  • beginning, when we see the back of all of the students, we see that Randy doesn't have his book bag with him. The camera moves to another shot, then goes back to the shot of the back of the students, where we see that Randy has his book bag with him this time.
    • One of the students on the field trip to the Museum of Silt is the Nameless Boy with a Red Shirt; however, when the students are watching the film, the boy with the greenish-brown girl is present instead, though given his red shirt and brown pants.
    • When Randy tells Howard to get them to the bus, the pattern on his mask detaches.
    • When the amoeba grabs Bucky, his arm detaches itself from him.
    • When Bucky is being dragged into Mount Chuck, he appears to overlap the entrance.
    • As Howard pushes Flute Girl away, his foot goes under hers.
    • On the bus, Doug Jaminski is sitting behind Stevens and Julian; he switches back and forth from his later Caucasian form to his original African American version and back again in a few shots.
    • As Viceroy rides through France and Nicholas gets in his face, as he spits the spit appears to be coming out past his mouth.
    • as Randy crawls away the hood, his mchoodie disappears.
  • When Mrs. Whickwhacker trips Randy his eye over lays his bottom eyelid.

Wave Slayers

  • At the start of the episode as Randy jumps into the slayer, his face and hair quickly change to what they are like after he is splashed with water, despite it's not having happened yet.
  • while Randy narrates on the slayer, his head is partially unattached to his neck for a single frame.
    • Also, when Coach Green tells them they're forfeiting, Randy says, "That's wonk!" but no-one's mouth moves.
    • When Morgan tells everyone to go to the starting line she walks strangely.

Evil Spirit Week

  • Howard is wearing his western outfit in the cowboy cafeteria, but when he gets on top of the vending machine, he's wearing his normal attire.

Bash Johnson: 11th Grade Ninja

  • after the The Sorcerer says he learned the Ninja's secret identity, McFist raises his right hand to his chin, showing his normal hand, not his robot arm.
  • In the same episode, at the start when fighting Pradeep he punches Randy and for a few frames his hands are both right hands and the red line gets cut off.
  • As Randy throws chain sickle #2 to grab a climbing roboape it changes from its design to sickle #1’s.

Hip Hopocalypse Now

  • Howard is wearing shades during the rap battle, and takes them off before he hands the microphone to Randy. But while Randy's rapping, Howard is dancing in the background with the shades back on again. A scene later, his shades are off again.
  • As Randy and the sandjas face the earth attack worm the red on his sword disappears again.

Stanks Like Teen Spirit

  • Steve Riley is supposed to be a robot made by McFist to beat Norrisville High at chess in the episode, however, a human Steve Riley, along with other Flackville High students, keeps appearing as a background character in various episodes.
    • It is possible that the robot was modeled after a real kid.
    • When Heidi opens the big championship her right eyebrow is missing a black outline.
    • When one of the Carp mascots gets hit and the other runs to check on him, his fin loses an outline.
    • There are two Carp mascots despite the known mascots of nhs(Doug and bash) are in the stands with everyone else.
  • The background doesn't appear between the Chinese dragon's legs and is blank until the scene changes.
  • When Randy tells Howard he doesn't understand chess his hair loses an outline and his arms outline distorts(this is very quick).
  • When Randy blinks as Howard points at the monitor, his eyelid distorts not having his whole lid there.
  • When Howard said, "Aww, you took my pointy diagonal guy," there were two white bishops seen on the board although it can be interpreted that bishops are Howard's favor the chess piece and he got upset about losing them.
    • When Dave, Theresa, and the Dancing Fish cheer for Howard then destank, Dave in the complete opposite side of the crowd, Theresa is gone, and the members of the Dancing Fish are in different positions. Bucky, Julian and Debbie also appear out of no where.

Enter the Nomicon

  • Howard is wearing a girl disguise in the episode, but in a shot where Randy and Howard's backs are seen while they watch Mac Antfee, Howard is wearing his usual outfit until the next shot.
    • In the same episode, while Randy is firing the Ninja Air Fist, Randy completely disappears from the background for a millisecond.
    • When Randy tries to sweep Mac antfee his shirt loses its design and his leg bends to far from his knee.
    • As Randy is running away yelling at the nomicon his shirt loses the white lining at the top.

Bring Me the Head of Ranginald Bagel!

  • During the parade, Theresa is twirling in front of Norrisville High's float while the marching band is surrounding it. In a later shot, the band is holding a Robo-Ape balloon while Theresa, dressed in her Halloween costume, is holding it with them.

Sorcerer in Love

  • When Randy swoons, his bottom eyelids are pitch black.
    • In the same episode when the Sorceress kisses Howard, for a few frames her necklace is going into her neck.
    • When Randy is being hit by the debris, his eyes continually overlays his eyelid.
    • When and the other come to rescue Amanda(the sorceress) the frame bashes mouth open is missing his bottom lip leaving only his tongue shown when he speaks.
    • when Amanda tells Randy to stand perfectly still, for a single frame his eyes are looking in different directions.
    • Once randy is brainwashed a strange line appears on the right side of his eye.

Pranks for Nothing

  • As Randy runs out of the scene, he's cut off before he leaves the screen.
  • Randy’s sword is the original one before it was destroyed until the end when prankzooka is destroyed.
  • As Julian is trying to get the bat out of his hair his hat is there at first but by the next scene it vanishes and stays gone for the rest of the episode.
  • As Randy throw the bladed chain his arm completely detaches from his body.
  • When the prankzooka is slipping on the sword as a banana it appears to just be the peel despite being whole a moment ago.
  • As Randy dodges one of the robots hits the patterns on his chest are gone.
  • When the ninja ring is turned into an apple and it hits Doug it breaks into red liquid despite an apple.
  • When the group as students are running away from a monster, they are to small compared to Randy and Howard.
  • As the monster tries to eat Bucky, he disappears for a single frame(very quick).

Shloomp! There It Is!

  • When Randy blocks his eyes from the bright light from the Nomicon, his eyebrow cuts off for a single frame.
  • As NomiRandy jumps to hit Howard(Randy in his body) the staff isn’t in actually in his hands.

Randy Cunningham: 13th Century Ninja

  • Theresa and Bucky are stanked in the school right before the Sorcerer spots Julian, but later are seen still with the tour group at McFist's factory.
  • At the beginning when the mcmeat hits the roboapes face, its nose is covered in it but suddenly cleans up and stays this way the rest of the scene.
  • During the beginning the roboapes pitchforks continually overlay there hands.
  • When the roboape falls into the mcmeat machine it just cuts and vanishes instead of actually falling in.
  • When the tour guide is explaining he says “manumacturing“ instead of manufacturing.
  • When Howard is eating a mcmeat stache his hands appear to overlay instead of actually holding it.
  • As the roboapes swap out when shoving mcmeat in the tube, the one on the right’s arm goes through the one on the left.
  • In the same episode, when First Ninja sits down, he suddenly gains a third arm for a few frames.
  • Also, in the sequence in which Howard explains Randy to First Ninja, he blinks, but his pupils can still be seen over his eyelids.
  • When Randy grabs Howard's wrist his thumb is bent incorrectly.
  • Furthermore, when the screen zooms out to show 13th century Norrisville, there are people standing on buildings and trees.
  • When Mcfist tells viceroy his plan to buy atomic cavity sugar blasters, his ear overlays his beard for a few frames.
  • As Randy and Howard are walking through ancient norrisville one villager is holding water pales on his shoulders, but they have holes in them.
  • When Randy is frustrated he’s stuck on the tour, his hand goes through the side of the tour ride.
  • Again, when First Ninja grabs the Sorcerer's arm and pulls it, his right arm turns completely black.
  • When Randy and First Ninja are sitting, First Ninja doesn't seem to be on the bench.
  • When First Ninja rolls onto the building after punching the Sorcerer, his foldup detaches from his belt.
  • Twice the sleeves under First Ninja's outer shirt disappear: first, when Randy shloomps him, and next, when he punches the Sorcerer (this one, however, is harder to spot).
  • At the start of Part 2, First Ninja walks very strangely.
  • When Randy goes to punch the Sorcerer the red patterns on his leg and hand disappear.
  • As Randy looks around the nomicon his eyelid detaches from his face.
  • When Randy falls after hitting the temple his eyelids lose there outline.
  • As Randy walks towards the fire his hip duplicates.

Season 2

Welcome Back Catfish

  • when the screen splits to show stanked Booray and the Sorcerer, Booray's tongue detaches from his mouth.


Shoot First, Ask Questions Laser

  • the destroyed Laser Bots disappear after the mobs point at Randy and Howard.
  • Braedon runs from out of the building but is far to short.

On the Poolfront

  • Ben Schwartz gets too close to the mic when Mort's robot first appears, as one can hear clearly when he shouts. "What the juice is that!?"
    • As randy tries to face the polerbot in the immense heatwave, his sword switches from his new to old one.
    • In the same episode when Randy gets shloomped for a single frame a large part of his face is cutout, possibly because the Nomicon was originally there.
    • Randy apparently moves where he lays in Howard’s yard.
    • When randy is lying in Howard’s yard, the outline for his toes appear to vanish.

Mastermind of Disastermind

  • During his fight in the beginning, as Randy is thrown into the pole and looks toward the robot, it appears that his arm is going into his neck.

Let Them Eat Cake Fries

  • Randy's McSatchlé continuously appears and disappears when they discuss the farewell of cake fries.
    • In the same episode the third television is strangely angled.
    • Randy pulls the Nomicon and his McSatchlé out of a random student's locker.

The Prophecy of Hat Sword

  • Randy's closet disappears yet again when he and Howard are trying to find shortcuts to studying.


  • at one point, the Ninja has two scarves.
  • A window appears on the side of the school that shows Randy and Howard's lockers but never appears again.

McNinja - Brought to You by McFist

  • the golf cart has Randy and Howard's stuff in it, but once the monsters start attacking everything but the portable toilet is gone.
  • McFist products are near the door, but disappear when the monsters break the wall and then reappear later.

When Howie Met Randy

  • when the Ninja of '05 first appears, his right hand glove is missing; in the next frame, the glove is on.
  • As young Randy and Howard are walking through the school, Randy's foot disappears for a single frame.
  • In "All the Juice That's Fish to Swim,"
  • as Howard grabs Randy's shirt when he jumps to stop the Robo-Ape for a single frame his fingers appear on his chest after his hand has already moved.
    • In the same episode, when Viceroy is explaining the Soupcicles to McFist, the outline of his hair vanishes for a few frames (this example is very noticeable).
    • Randy’s satchle disappears and appears once again.

Living in Shooblivion

  • when Randy jumps onto Mick's books, his feet are nowhere near them, and are pretty far apart.

Randy Cunningham's Day Off

  • as Randy runs into his room to escape through the window, his closet is gone.

The Space Cow-Bros

  • In the beginning of the episode, when Howard wakes up Randy, the bags under his eyes go all the way down to his mouth, though only for a single quick frame.

Debbie Meddle

  • Randy's McSatchlé disappears and reappears yet again when Debbie is mindwiped.

Aplopalypse Now

  • When Randy uses the ninja spikes in his feet to stay grounded, they appear to be grey instead of red.

Wonkin' for the Weekend

  • As Howard is flying into the black-hole the scarf disconnects despite being wrapped around his leg.
  • When Randy dodges the Staedler his right hand vanishes.
  • For a brief shot First ninja's hand is distorted and his chest is to large(very quick).


  • in the first scene in which the Chaos Pearl/Sorcerer Ball explodes, the stripes on Randy's right hand suddenly vanish.
  • In the same episode, as the monster crushes the wall the lockers do not appear to have been destroyed, but instead have a crushed wall structure over them.


  • when playing the ukulele the red patterns disappear on Randy's suit, this is however a very common error.

Escape from Scrap City

  • when McFist is shooting Randy in the stadium the crowd overlays the laser the entire scene.
  • In the same episode, when Randy dodges the other shots from McFist, the red line disappears from his feet.


  • when Randy and Howard just get out of Charlie cluckers car, there are many things wrong with the scene, like Randy's arm being to thin.
    • As well his hoodie is flattened the entire time when it usually sticks out to match Randy's head size.
      • Then there is a piece of his bike missing, with only chips showing it was there originally.
      • Howard's strap on his helmet also covers his ear which is not right.
      • And you can see Howard's distorted shoulder through his mouth when he speaks in this scene.

The Fresh Principal of Norrisville High

  • after everyone has put on the helmets, Randy has no torso for a brief shot with him and Howard.
    • In the same shot, as the kids are being armored up by the principal program, Morgan wears a strange blue T-shirt for a brief shot instead of her usual attire; Flute Girl's hair is also missing.

The brawn also rises

  • when Randy shouts for Howard his hair is overlaying his ear.
  • As Randy goes to hit Brawn with the bo-staff his upper arm vanishes.

Big Trouble in Little Norrisville

  • when cloaked Julian got Randy's scarf, he has two fingers, but when holding the scarf, his fingers number three.
    • As the screen zooms in to show the back of the super samurai bombs cutout the border of the walls and the figurines in the shelf’s are overlaying the shelf next to it.
    • When Randy and Howard are walking away from the super store the trees in the back are not shaded.
    • The symbol on Randy’s shirt is reversed when he is eating the Super Samurai Sour Bombs.
    • As Randy and Howard run towards the tour, unnamed girl with mauve dress's foot overlays one of the statues.
    • When Howard is holding the idol during the tour his hand gains an extra line.

Winner Takes Ball

  • once Randy throws Theresa in his closet and catches the Chaos Pearl, his table disappears.
    • When Randy and Howard are walking to Greg's gamehole, Randy’s satchle once again continues to appear and reappear.

Ball's Well That Friends Well

  • when Randy cuts the Sorcerer's chain, the red in the middle of his sword vanishes.
  • After Evil Julian destroys the stalagmite Randy was hanging from the red pattern on the upper part of the eyes goes down with his eyelids when hew blinks.

Theme Song Errors

  • In the beginning of the theme song, when Randy dressed as the Ninja is standing on the school, he has visibly black eyes instead of his normal blue eyes.
  • Also during the theme song, Doug is completely monochrome.
  • During the hallway scene in which the characters are shown in the theme song, Morgan's hair and lips are blue, instead of their normal purple.

Plot Errors

  • Although this is probably just because episodes have separate plots, Randy finds the "freeing the chicken" step of the Ninja Air Fist hilarious in "Monster Drill," but is actually afraid of chickens in "McFear Factor” And “pranksgiving voted episode”.
  • When Randy wakes up in "Ninjception," Randy and Howard are apparently capable of touching a Chaos Pearl without becoming corrupted by it, which they originally weren't able to do in "Julian's Birthday Surprise."
  • During "House of 1,000 boogers" after Viceroy sneezes into the machine it says that the ninja is him despite Randy's picture and name still being in the device neither Mcfist and Viceroy know Randy's the ninja.
  • Randy is generally seen with only one sword even though we see in "Monster Drill," "30 Seconds to Math," and "Attack of the Killer Potatoes" that he originally had two.
  • Randy admits he's good with riddles in "The Tale of the Golden Doctor's Note" and does math well in "Escape from Detention Island," but is never seen to be capable of these things again.
  • Despite only having ten Chaos Pearls in season 2, with four being flung across Norrisville and six remaining in his prison, the Sorcerer originally had fourteen in Season 1, while showing twelve on the circle when the key was revealed.
  • Howard's house's yard changes continuously during the series.
  • Though McFist learns that Randy is the Ninja in this ”Debbie meddle”, he appears to have no knowledge of this in the following episodes, despite not having witnessed Howard's false demonstration that Randy was not the Ninja. (It may be presumed that he watched Heidi retract the story on a subsequent broadcast.)

Game errors

during the series life span a hand full of online games were made for promotion, some of which has cutscenes or score boards with minor errors.

  • In “Monster mayhem” When Randy goes to the restroom after eating “shnasty“ cafeteria food, the back of his head is slightly detached.
  • When losing all lives the try again art will appear, here the red patterns on the suit detach yet again.
  • Once beating the game, Randy and Howard will high five where for a brief frame there arms are messed up.
  • In ”Punchdemic” the opening image, the red patterns once again detach.
  • During the opening art Randy’s right arm is completely separate from his body.
  • In the same opening the edge of Randy’s hair overlays his jaw.
  • When defeating a stage high score art will appear, where there is no patterns on Randy’s left foot.
  • In the ending cutscene, a bit of Howard's skin sticks out from his eye.

Prank: Randy Cunningham

  • When Randy slides into the scene to stop the robolizard, his satchle around his waist is missing.
  • As Randy throws his ninja hot balls before there revealed to be filled with snot there appears to be some already on his head.
  • Once Randy becomes frustrated from the pranks his arms become much to thin.
  • Once Crash finally falls out of the locker from laughter, a red line doesn't appear on Randy's right leg, despite all the other patterns being there.
  • Randy with black eyes
  • Randy without yellow eyes
  • Howard in two places at once
  • Howard in his western outfit…
  • …And now Howard in his normal outfit seconds later.
  • The mysteriously human Steve Riley. He's a real boy!
  • Theresa, dressed up as Stevens from Halloween, can be seen with the band.
  • Normal arm
  • Missing Randy while doing the Air Fist
  • No line on lower part of mask
  • Look at Morgan on the right.
  • Randy with cow costume
  • Randy without cow costume (same episode)
  • Under his eyes and the right tip of his teeth are dark blue.
  • Right hand glove missing
  • Back on again
  • Https:// nqu57bQhXM1sd7pzbo1 500.gif
  • Randy gets cut off of the scene too soon.
  • Extra fingers (All the Juice That's Fish to Swim)
  • When the outline of your hair vanishes
  • Look at his neck.
  • Randy makes the same face he makes when Howard hits him with water while he is jumping into the slayer.
  • Morgan changes shirts suddenly (also Flute Girl's hair changes).
  • When you get hit so hard the stripes on your wrist fly off (see his right hand).
  • Randy's feet are far from landing on the books.
  • I don't even know what to call this.
  • EYES
  • That's not how you book.
  • Randy's head disconnects from his neck.
  • The line in his ear is gone.
  • This should have been tomorrow.
  • The whiskers on its right are gone.
  • Where's his closet? It should peek out from behind his door.
  • look at the dragon
  • the lockers aren't white inside and why are the doors not bending?
  • There should be a line on the edge of his foot.
  • the magic disappearing satchle
  • the tv's are strangly angled
  • the magic satchle, where will it appear next?
  • this house can't make up it's mind
  • WHAT
  • A
  • Aa
  • Aaa
  • Aaaa
  • Aaaaa
  • Aaaaaa
  • Aaaaaaa
  • Aaaaaaaaa
  • Aaaaaaaaaa
  • Aaaaaaaaaaa
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaa
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • She was in back originally as seen here
  • Piece of his outline is missing on his chin
  • Ghhh
  • New sword
  • Old sword
  • Boris symbol reversed
  • His toes are gone
  • Braedon is to short
  • The symbols are different
  • No bag
  • Now bag
  • Small crowd
  • Buckys gone
  • THE handle is cut off o soon
  • Patterns gone
  • The handle is out to far from his hand
  • Cheers is in the middle
  • Now boos is?
  • there is so much wrong with this picture
  • his bottom satche is gone
  • arms are to thin
  • redline missing on right foot
  • fixed errors from tv to online
  • check the first image it makes this even more of a mess
  • arm
  • that neck ain't right
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