Words and phrases used on Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja.

General Terms


  • Close friend; best friend.[1]


  • Awesome, cool, radical.

The Cheese

  • The most important and excellent thing that there is. [2] Occasionally used as a euphemism in phrases such as "What the cheese?" or "Oh, my cheese!"[3]


  • Very, really.[4]



  • Enter the NinjaNomicon, a process which causes the body to slump or fall down into a floppy, trance-like state, while the personified mind enters a quasi-thirteenth-century Japanese environment allegorizing the collective wisdom of the Ninja.[6]


  • Nasty; disgusting, repulsive, entirely icky.[7]
Randy Cunningham, 9th Grade Ninja - Living in Shooblivion - Shoob! Shoob! Shoob! 01


  • Noob; loser, dork, idiot, etc.[8]


  • Concentrated mist of chaos that transforms people into monsters.[9]

What the juice?!

  • An exclamation of shock and/or confusion.[10]



  • Pun; when someone, usually Bucky, makes a wordplay.[12]

Ninja-ing Made Up Terms

4 or More Words

  • Multiple-Collar-Slicing-Ninja-Rings!
  • Ninja-Baton-Flip-Kick!
  • Ninja-Enemy-Take-Down![13]
  • Ninja-Smell-O-Vision.
  • Ninja-Taste-of-Her-Own-Medicine.
  • Ninja-Catch-Me-if-You-Can.[14]
  • Ninja-Battle-Rap-Flip![15]
  • Ninja-Taking-Advantage-of-Temporary-Blindness.[16]
  • Ninja-Knock-Yourself-Out!
  • Ninja-Random-Student-Save[17]
  • Ninja-Three-for-One!
  • Ninja-One-Step-Ahead-of-the-Game![18]
  • Ninja-Make-'Em-Think-I'm-Going-This-Way-When-I'm-Really-Going-That-Way!
  • Ninja-Midair-De-Suit![19]
  • Ninja Can't-Let-You-Get-Away-With-That!
  • Ninja-Best-Friend-Block![20]
  • Ninja-Turn-Back-the-Clock.
  • Ninja-Weaponized-Pizza-Dodge!
  • Ninja-Corporate-Sponsorship-Destroying-Tengu-Fireball![21]
  • Ninja-Ball-Destroying-Ring-Fling![22]
  • Ninja-Circle-Maker-Tripping-Balls![23]
  • Ninja-Open-the-Door!
  • Ninja-Turn-Around-Kick!
  • Ninja-Art-of-Heal!
  • Ninja-Twisty-Ladder-Grab!
  • Ninja-Circle-Maker Tripping-Balls!
  • Ninja-Misuse-of-School-Property!
  • Ninja-Student-Dogpile-Escape!
  • Ninja-Principal-Hog-Tie!
  • Ninja-Furthest-to-Fall![24]
  • Ninja-Putting-End-to-This-Thing!
  • Ninja-Sorcerer-Freedom-Flip![25]
  • Ninja-Baton-Helicopter-Flying-Maneuver![26]
  • Ninja-Fingers-Slicing-Thingies!
  • Ninja-Sacred-Stone-Stab!

3 Word Improvised Moves

  • Ninja-Amoeba-Snatch![27]
  • Ninja-Bone-Dodge![28]
  • Ninja-Pouch-Slash![29]
  • Ninja-Stalactite-Snag![30]
  • Ninja-Sai-Stopper!
  • Ninja-Pyramid-Sprint!
  • Ninja-Pukin'-Poke![31]
  • Ninja-Poppin'-Time!
  • Ninja-Principal-Kick!
  • Ninja-Scarf-Sling![32]
  • Ninja-Claw-Cut![33]
  • Ninja-Tentacle-Yank!
  • Ninja-Pepper-Pull![34]
  • Ninja-bad-dog!
  • Ninja-roll-over!
  • Ninja-play-dead![35]
  • Ninja-Semi-Snag.
  • Operation-Ninja-Slice.
  • Ninja-Heal-Minibike.[36]
  • Ninja-mastermind-leap!
  • Ninja-robot-toss![37]
  • Ninja-Mud-Buster![38]
  • Ninja-Tentacle-Slash!
  • Ninja-Jump-Split![39]
  • Ninja-Orbit-Kick!
  • Ninja-Principal-Charge!
  • Ninja-Escape-Flip![40]
  • Ninja-Trunk-Ride![41]
  • Ninja-Scarf-Snatch!
  • Ninja-Sumo-Snag![42]

3 Word Weapon or Skill Moves

  • Ninja-Knife-Sicles!
  • Ninja-Tripping-Balls![43]
  • Ninja-Earth-Attack!
  • Ninja-Hot-Balls!
  • Ninja-Tengu-Fireball!
  • Ninja-Electro-Balls!
  • Ninja-Blow-Ball! 
  • Ninja-Sticky-Balls! 
  • Ninja-Conkin'-Balls!
  • Ninja-Cold-Balls!
  • Ninja-Air-Fist!


  1. Probably developed from the internet acronym BFF ("best friends forever") with the occupational suffix -er added.
  2. Possibly related to the old slang term, "The Big Cheese," meaning the boss or most important man in an organization.
  3. In the last case, probably a variant for words such as "jeez" designed as euphemisms for the name "Jesus."
  4. A euphemism for an obscenity used for emphasis, similar to "friggin'" or "freakin'," with perhaps a nod to the common use of a loud honking sound to censor spoken obscenities in broadcasting.
  5. Imitated from horror-writer H. P. Lovecraft's fictitious Necronomicon ("Law(-book) of the dead," derived from Greek νεκρός (nekros) "dead" and νόμος (nomos) "law," with a neuter adjectival suffix). "NinjaNomicon" therefore should mean something like "Law-book of the Ninjas."
  6. Probably derived from "slump" in a humorous quasi-Yiddish form.
  7. Probably "nasty" in a humorous quasi-Yiddish form.
  8. Probably derived from "noob" (a shortened form of "newbie," internet slang for "a new or inexperienced user of a site or network"), altered to a humorous quasi-Yiddish form.
  9. A variant (common in Southern U.S. English) of "stink" or "stench."
  10. Possibly derived from the old-fashioned British English exclamation, "What the deuce?" (a euphemism for the expression "What the devil?") which was in Received English pronounced very similarly.
  11. Probably from British slang "wonky," meaning "crooked, off-center, and thus unsteady or shaky; therefore weak, invalid, not correctly functioning, faulty."
  12. Probably derived from "zing" or "zinger," former schoolyard slang for "a humorous taunt or insult," probably originally derived from onomatopœia for an electric shock.
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