Levander Hart
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Character information
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair color Brown
Pink (when stanked)
Eye color Black
Blue (when stanked)
Occupation Student at Norrisville High
Former rock star
Residence Norrisville
Enemies Randy Cunningham (when stanked)
Howard Weinerman (when stanked)
Interests Playing the guitar (not so good at it though)
First Episode Unstank My Hart
Voiced by Danny Pudi

Levander Hart is a student of Norrisville High, a former rock star, and a former member of 30 Seconds to Math.


Levander was once part of 30 Seconds to Math until he realized that he was being used by Randy and Howard for his band equipment. The Sorcerer used blue stank to plant a seed of revenge in Levander, which gave him an amazing musical talent that he lacked. Three months later, Levander is a popular rock star. He tricks his former bandmates to play with him at his concert so that he can fire them onstage. Finally, Levander becomes a lightning monster, and the only way he's able to be destanked is for Randy and Howard to apologize and play with him. At the end, they make it up to him by letting him play with them at their stint in Greg's Game Hole.


  • While stanked and a rock star, Levander uses a fake British accent, although he's able to switch between it and his natural English accent.
  • He is the only known victim of blue stank.
  • His Stanked form resembles a Lightning Reed from Plants vs Zombies 2.
  • Levander is voiced by Danny Pudi and Randy (of course) by Ben Schwartz; since 2017 the two have played the Duck brothers Huey and Dewey, respectively, on Disney's re-booted DuckTales.


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