"Fumble Fumble" (AKA "Randy Cunningham Fumbles") is the fourth of six animated shorts made for the show depicting "bloopers."

"Fumble Fumble"
Season 2, Episode 4
Fumble Fumble
Premiered: July 11, 2015
Written by:
  Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas
Directed by:
  Shaun Cashman


This blooper focuses on Randy's trying to fight McFist's robots in the episode "Fudge Factory" while his suit keeps getting ripped and pulled down.


  • For a long time the blooper in question could be found only on YouTube in Taiwanese accent Chinese, in the Latin American Spanish compilation of all the bloopers, and in Hebrew on the Disney Israel channel.
  • In the Taiwanese dub , a good portion is cut: only the beginning and end are used, which also happened with the other five in Asia.
  • This blooper could not be found in English initially; it was confirmed by Notnights that this short had never been never released in English, until it was discovered at the end of "Ball's Well That Friends Well" on Disney+.
  • It was also discovered at the end of "Ball's Well That Friends Well" on BesTV (an IPTV operation service provider) in some areas of the endoland region of China, which was Mandarin Chinese accent dubs (entitled "Mandarin Chinese bloopers" on YouTube).
  • It’s revealed the bottom half of the suit can be pulled down like trousers.
  • When translated, the title is "Randy Cunningham Fumbles."
  • This blooper is another instance in which the suit is torn.
  • The partly hidden name of the director, "SH--- CASHMAN", refers to Shaun Cashman.
    • Although the episode being filmed is identified as "Fudge Factory" by a sign seen on the wall, that episode was actually directed by Stephanie Arnett. Cashman presumably directed the shorts.
  • The space where a cameraman's name would go on a normal clapboard is obscured, probably because animated cartoons do not use cameramen to film scenes. The name ending in "-NG" may be that of the storyboard artist, possibly Fabien Tong or Matthew Long.



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