Father McFist
Father McFist
Character information
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair color Blond
Eye color Black
Occupation Founder and Owner of McFist Industries
Residence Norrisville
Spouses Mother McFist (assumed)
Children Terry McFist
Hannibal McFist
First Episode McOne Armed and Dangerous
Voiced by John DiMaggio

Father McFist is Terry and Hannibal's father and the founder/owner of McFist Industries.


  • McFist talks about his dad in "Fart-Topia," mocking Terry because he isn't the strong businessman that their dad was. Terry retorts that he never wanted to end up like his father.
  • In a flashback in "McOne Armed and Dangerous," Hannibal, as a little boy, watches his father make McSquiddles, the product that began McFist Industries, in a factory.


  • Like his son Hannibal, Father McFist has a robotic arm, and whether or not it came from the conveyor belt which he warns his son about is not confirmed.
  • Father McFist is the first parent of the main cast shown in person in flashback.
  • His hat and suit were possibly inspired by the Mad Hatter's from Alice in Wonderland, though it is more likely that he simply mocks the idea of a stereotypical nineteenth century "robber baron" (with a steampunk twist in regard to his arm).


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