Eye of Eternity

The Eye of Eternities, also called the Carp's Eye and the Tengu Stone, is a sacred stone that was used by the First Ninja to contain the Tengu and trap the Sorcerer underground.


The Eye of Eternities has the appearance of a yellow orb-like pearl with a glowing center and flecks within it.


According to the NinjaNomicon, the First Ninja fought the Tengu, an ancient bird demon. The Tengu was too powerful to defeat, until he found out the source of its power: its feathers. Infused into the Ninja Suit, the feathers gave the suit mysterious powers and forever linked the Ninja and the Tengu together, their strengths and weaknesses shared. After he defeated the Tengu, the First Ninja imprisoned it in a sacred stone known as the Eye of Eternities. The stone was placed in a carp statue in ancient Norrisville.

Later, the First Ninja planned to use the power of the stone to trap the Sorcerer underground. However, the Sorcerer also desired the stone, because it would make him unstoppable. Although First Ninja sent his squire Plop Plop to retrieve it, the Sorcerer gained access to it. To retrieve the stone, Randy distracted the Sorcerer while Howard grabbed the stone and left, but the Sorcerer caught them. Randy broke the stone to release the Tengu and control it while inside Howard to fight the Sorcerer. Finally, the First Ninja threw the Sorcerer into the hole, and Randy burned his mask to retrap the Tengu in the stone.

For over 800 years, the Eye of Eternities 2as on the floor in the main lobby of Norrisville High, keeping the Sorcerer trapped underneath. The Tengu is only able to escape from the stone by the hand of the Ninja. After the Sorcerer's defeat, the Eye of Eternities now holds the remaining Chaos Pearls underground.


  • The Eye of Eternities is usually attached to a carp, originally being placed within a stone carp statue in ancient Norrisville, and now a part of a mosaic of a carp.
  • Whenever Randy has broken the stone he uses a sai.

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