Catfish Booray

Catfish Booray

Stanked catfish booray

Character information
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair color Reddish-brown
Eye color Black
Occupation Hunter


Residence Norrisville
Enemies Randy Cunningham (under the misnomer Ranginald Bagel)
Interests Controlling animals with magic collars
The Swamp
First Episode Swampy Seconds
Latest Episode Welcome Back Catfish
Voiced by Jim Cummings

Catfish Booray is a psychotic Cajun trapper.



Booray is short and muscular. He has spiky reddish-brown hair and beard, and he has a scars underneath his right eye and on his left shoulder. He wears a purple bandana, purple and black camoflauge sleeveless jacket, and blue overalls. He also wears black half finger gloves and olive green boots. On his right arm, he has a bandage and a bag. Around his neck, he wears his bag of gris-gris which is the source of his magical powers.


Booray can use his gris-gris to transform himself into a dark red monster that's a combination of a python, a panther, and an alligator. He can use his neck to trap and constrict victims.


Catfish is tough and threatening. He likes having control over animals and is willing to do horrific things to people like trapping them and feeding them to his pets. He is extremely territorial and protective of "his" swamp. In "Welcome Back Catfish" he is more concerned about where his swamp was than the fact that he is on the roof of a speeding bus with the Ninja. Even though he is one of the few individuals who could possibly out Randy as the Ninja, he seems to have no interest in doing so, though in "Bring Me the Head of Ranginald Bagel!" he doesn't mind revealing the Ninja's identity to McFist and Viceroy for a McFist Pad.


  • Booray is the second villain, the other being Mac Antfee, to appear more than once and not be McFist, Viceroy, or the Sorcerer.
    • However, unlike Mac and the Sorceress, Booray didn't disappear after his second appearance.
  • After the credits of "Randy Cunningham: 13th Century Ninja," Booray finds a Chaos Pearl, which zaps him. The Sorcerer takes control over his body, but is unable to do this once Randy takes Catfish out of reach in "Welcome Back Catfish."
  • He is the only villain to have his own theme song.
  • He is the only villain to be turned into two different monsters without ever being stanked once.
  • He is one of the few people who knows Randy is the Ninja, but he doesn't know Randy's real name, thinking that it is "Ranginald Bagel."
  • "Welcome Back Catfish" is the only episode with Catfish's appearance in Season 2.
  • In "Bring Me the Head of Ranginald Bagel!" It's shown that he patched his gris-gris implying he's regained his powers.


Swampy Seconds

Bring Me the Head of Ranginald Bagel!

Welcome Back Catfish


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