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Character information
Gender Male
Species Human
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Affiliations Neutral
Occupation Student at Norrisville High

S. Ward Smith's protege

Residence Norrisville
Enemies Howard Weinerman
Interests Metal shop
First Episode Sword Quest
Voiced by Jason Earles

Brent is S. Ward Smith's apprentice and a student at Norrisville High.



Brent is tall with short brown hair and blue eyes. He wears a white tank top, there are also times he wears a red one, dark gray pants, and brown shoes. When he's in metal shop, he wears a dark blue apron.

Monster Form

When stanked by the Sorcerer, Brent turns into a turquoise goblin-like monster. Because of his blacksmith skills, stanked Brent is able to build samurai armor for himself. He also has fiery breath, pulling a sword out of his mouth and spewing flames at the Ninja.


Brent seems to be an average apprentice, eager to move on to the next step without mastering the first. He is passionate about metal smithing, and shows a grumpy, impatient streak that clashes with Mr. Smith sometimes. However, he realizes when his actions were wrong, and prepares to apologize to his master for being disrespectful. Brent also gets easily jealous and quick to jump to conclusions. When he thinks Howard has replaced him, he is furious and miserable, becoming vulnerable enough to get stanked.


  • He was the first student seen to be stanked when he was really mad and jealous.
  • He is shown in stanked form during the show's intro sequence.
  • Brent has appeared in the backgrounds of "Stanks Like Teen Spirit", "Hip Hopocalypse Now", and "McFear Factor".
  • Brent has a strong dislike for Howard, calling him by his last name and getting even angrier when he thinks he's been replaced by him.
    • His feelings are justified when, to Brent's annoyance, Howard dumps Randy's lunch onto Brent's lap in "Shloomp! There It Is!".

Images and Appearances

Sword Quest

Stanks Like Teen Spirit

Hiphopocalypse Now

McFear Factor


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