• Gavin122!


    September 19, 2019 by Gavin122!
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  • Leann nicole burchett

    Not a animatic but kinda funny lol


    The pilot


    Bash Johnson 11th grade ninja #1


    Weinerman up #1


    Evil spirit week #1


    Evil spirit week #2


    Evil spirit week #3(found by Kristen)


    Sorcerer in love #1


    Sorcerer in love #2


    Sorcerer in love #3


    Der monster Klub #1


    Mcfists of fury #1


    Mcfists of fury #2(found by writtingirl&Kristen)


    Gossip boy #1


    Mcninja brought to you by Mcfist(animating)


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  • Mojo72400

    Someone can make a petition for the series to be revived since I don't know how to make a petition. The other idea is we convince or make a petition for Netflix or Disney+ to revive the series.

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  • Lawisbored

    If you guys care I have three ideas

    First, convince the creator to move to another company or channel.

    Second, who the hell are animators here? make it into an indie just ask permission dammit!!!

    Lastly, write a damn fan fic dammmit!!!!!! I need closure!!!!

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  • Tannhaeuser

    I had an idea for an episode that I would have found amusing if the show had gone on (though now that the Sorcerer isn't around to stank people anymore I don't know if it would work).  What if one of the students was actually named "Bruce," and became so frustrated and angry by thinking people were talking to/about him that it made him vulnerable to being stanked?

    How would the Ninja get around that? Would he just help the kid get over his anger issues by showing that it was a good thing to be literally the Brucest kid in school? Or would he perhaps give him a nickname, so that he wouldn't constantly think people were calling his name?

    Of course, the tag would probably show the kid starting to lose it all over again, when it's revealed that hi…

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  • AkariHora


    September 3, 2017 by AkariHora
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  • Billianna Cobra


    July 17, 2017 by Billianna Cobra
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  • Skitten Skitty

    mmmmm yes i love the meme

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  • DipperPines-SuperNoobsFan


    January 31, 2016 by DipperPines-SuperNoobsFan


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  • CoinsCP

    Little help if you can!

    September 13, 2015 by CoinsCP

    I've been on a hunt for production codes lately (not half-hour codes like A and B stuff, the ACTUAL production codes associated with the separate segments) and I can't seem to find most of Randy Cunningham's.

    Often, I find the production codes for the show because crew members would occasionally post little diddies from an episode before or after it airs (at least for some shows) and it seems that it's happened a few times from the show but, since Season 1 is long gone and, coming to Season 2, it appears to be I just don't know where to look.

    These are the codes I got so far:

    • RC214 - "Bro-ing Down the House"
    • RC215 - "Snow-Klahoma!"
    • RC216 - "Flume-Igation"
    • RC217 - "When Howie Met Randy"
    • RC218 - "Shoot First, Ask Questions Laser"
    • RC219 - "Let the Wo…
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  • BuckyHensletter12

    Honestly, I don't mind if the show ends, but how Jake Long ended was satisfying. Randy should have more things to handle. Maybe finding out what McFist is doing right now? Or maybe figuring out where the chaos balls come from?

    Liked the Messenger said, "Your greatest battle is just around the bend" means something! Rewatdh Big Trouble In Little Norrisville. TheNomicon said something about a new villain! Not Evil Julian!

    The show was going so well when Season 1 began, but Season 2, the ratings began to drop. I really didn't like episodes like Hip-Hopocolypse Now and Ninjception were not too good. McSatchle was one of the episodes I didn't like. Why make a monster with indestructible casing but completely destructible zippers!

    Still, there are …

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  • AcidBlossom

    Regarding Season 3

    July 28, 2015 by AcidBlossom

    The fandom will probably kill me for saying this, but it has to be said.

    Season 3 is unnecesarry.  We don't need Season 3.

    Quite honestly, the most unproffessional thing this show can do at this point is make Season 3.  

    How so?

    Well, let's put this into perspective.  Why do people get so upset about Invader Zim's cancellation?  It's because the show was far from over.  Over the years, dozens of scripts and voice recordings were leaked and showed what the show had planned before Nickelodeon abruptly pulled the plug.  It really was a shame it ended as soon as it did, as the leaked scripts showed that there were a ton of great ideas in store.

    Now, if Randy ended the same way Zim did, it would be utterly devestating.

    But Randy didn't end the same w…

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  • AndreiPopa the ninja partner

    Hello to ninja partner here is all partners of all ninjas!!!

    If you think what is my original suit you gonna know in the next post,bye bye!

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  • AnnaRossa1

    Nomicon human form

    July 16, 2015 by AnnaRossa1

    I'm so excited about season 3 and yeah and this is the finally creater of the Nimocon in human form

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  • Moodychick16

    Emmys 2015

    July 7, 2015 by Moodychick16

    The nominations are going to be announced soon. I went to their website to check if Randy Cunningham will be one of the Ballots Nominations Ballots for Outstanding Animated Program or Outstanding Short-Format Animated Progrem. I was looking forward to see their name, but it was not there. Instead, other Disney XD shows were nominated. But why not Randy Cunningham? It clearly has potential. The animation is vivid and bold, the jokes are humorous, the characters are amaible, and the series itself is impressive. I do not get why Teen Titans Go! is there and not Randy Cunningham. Even the Emmys do not know this great series. 

    Is this show really underrated?

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  • Moodychick16

    I hope to see these suggestions:

    • More character development ( Howard, Heidi, Bash, Morgan, Theresa, etc.)
    • Episodes focus on other characters, not only Randy and Howard
    • More plot-driven episodes
    • More villains other than McFist, Viceroy, and Sorcerer
    • A TV movie or special episode
    • A female character added to Team Ninja
    • More darker themed episodes
    • Episodes that explains the Norisu Nine and their history
    • More episodes that features the past Ninjas
    • An episode about how McFist, Viceroy, and Sorcerer met (like How Howie Met Randy)
    • An episode with a Samurai
    • More background stories about the Nomicon and The Sorcerer
    • A female ninja
    • Background characters getting more speaking roles

    This all I could think of for now. 

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  • AcidBlossom

    First Day On a Wiki

    June 25, 2015 by AcidBlossom

    So~ I, uh...I dunno what to do.

    I dunno if I have anything to contribute here.  Like, everything is pretty much covered.  I just wanna discuss the show with people that like it.

    I hope I can make some friends here, at the very least. 

    So yeah...

    Well, I guess I should say that I am absolutely stoked for Ball's Well That Friends Well.  Like, I am so excited, you don't understand.  

    I am praying with all my heart that they save my bby Julian.  Like, it has been SIX MONTHS since Snow-klahoma.  Like, this has gone on for too long.  They need to solve this conflict or I'll cry forever.

    In celebration for the finale I'll be posting the following things via devitantART.

    Julu 23- All of my headcanons

    July 24- My review of the show as a whole

    July 25- My op…

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  • Biby-Dimy


    March 28, 2015 by Biby-Dimy

    Guys, if I'm starting a chat, I can talk with more than one person or what?

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  • Biby-Dimy


    March 27, 2015 by Biby-Dimy


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  • Lollolkkkk


    March 1, 2015 by Lollolkkkk

    These are pics of new randy cunningham episodes

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  • TheFanGirl11

    Are there any predictions as to the new episodes an their dates? I'm really curious.

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  • Biby-Dimy


    February 14, 2015 by Biby-Dimy

    Hey guys...Can somone tell me how to add an article to the Episodes Galleries, please?!

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  • Biby-Dimy

    Wiki's Application

    February 6, 2015 by Biby-Dimy

    I saw last days apllications for some wikis like Marvel, Star Wars, Call Of Duty etc. in Magazin Play and I was wondering if we can do an application for our wiki too. (I don't know the first thing about creating applications anyway), but if someone who knows how to do this and wants to do this can guide me. 

    I am just asking. I hope we can create the application and to make it available on Play Store and on App Store too!

    So, who wants to join me? Let's work together and united to make our wiki's application. What do you say?

    Thumb's up!

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  • NekomuraChan

    First off: I'm done with the show. I don't like it anymore and I feel that it's no longer good. I'm moving on to other shows and YouTube. I won't be on this wiki for much longer, so yeah. The show had a good start, you guys are a great fandom, you guys keep doing you because you're awesome. Thank you for having me be a part of this, I greatly appreciate it.

    Second off: I didn't like any of the new episodes. Some I hated some I thought wasn't something to watch. And all of it has to do with one thing: Randy and Howard's characterizations. 

    These two are awful protagonists. No matter how Randy realizes what the Nomicon is actually saying he'll never learn to be a better Ninja. He can't ever be one because he never grew as a character. Seriousl…

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  • Randy 9

    The Ninjanomicon's aditude.

    October 11, 2014 by Randy 9

    Usally, the Ninjanomicon may be angry, happy, pity, etc. But the point is, in Randy Cunninham:13th Century Ninja, Randy says that the First ninja sounds like the Ninjanomicon, because he says the First ninja is in the past, and the ninja nomicon is already for 800 years.

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  • NekomuraChan

    Welcome Back Catfish Impressions.

    I got nothing. Nothing is new at all, or at least intriguing. The only thing that intrigued me was that Randy has an attraction for Heidi; there are two reasons why this made my day. And that story Randy and Howard were talking about was disturbing as all living heck. I felt dirty.

    There’s a way to fix it: I’ve seen a guy named Animated James do it well.

    It’s was My Little Pony: FiM thing. It was about what it’ll be like if some guy was on that show. James made it seem like he was going to do one thing when really it was another and the ponies’ reactions were priceless.

    I think to make this joke work you have to catch the audience off guard or they will react the same way the characters hearing are reacting. Th…

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  • NekomuraChan

    Oh don't I something to say about this. I didn't like each minute it showcased. This is a bad episode.

    Let's start with the problem I think everyone doesn't like: the gross out humor.

    Okay, that shark is going to make me throw up. It's skin is peeling off only to patches of flesh on its body....EW! 

    Also that snotty kid god. Why do people think the only way to entertain boys is by using joking about the most disgusting parts of the human body. 

    They are blatantly saying boys are disgusting people who only like gross out humor. That's extremely sexist, and I do not accept that as truth.

    There are ways to entertain boys. Check out the Ninja Turtles remake, it's really good.

    And that McFist x Viceroy moment. That's just disturbing!

    Who the he…

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  • NekomuraChan


    Once again it's just your everyday 9GN, but with a huge problem:

    Howard, he's the one who caused the main problem.

    I don't hate the episode but I'm not interested in it either.

    It's Flume-Igation's little brother. He's a lot like it but a little bit worse.

    The conflict is that Randy and Howard get a pool because Howard's Dad got a promotion and Randy has to let him keep it in order to get a pool because Howard said so. Okay, this is the only thing that made me mad.

    You're risking people's lives for a pool?! I do blame Howard but I have to be upset with Randy for going along with it. 

    That's not the Randy Cunningham we know and love. He wouldn't risk people's lives for a four foot deep pool!

    But unlike it's big brother, Randy comes to his sens…

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  • NekomuraChan

    That got me thinking: maybe I should give you guys a preview for my opinion on the episode it showcased:

    There's no way I will like Flume-Igation,... or find it good.

    Tune in on Saturday for a full on discussion. 

    If you haven't seen it, go watch it on the show's Facebook page.

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  • NekomuraChan

    When I read the comments to the episode's wiki and well... people like this. I really don't get it. Why?!

    If it's because Randy and Theresa hold hands, then find another one. That's like saying I like this specific tree because the leaves are a dark green color than a light green color. 

    What I'm saying is that I really really hate this episode. This episode is just so bad. I may even call the show 's most pretentious episode to date.  And the show (including the writers) can get really pompous at times if you paid attention. ( looking at you season finale)

    So why the title?

    If post this alone, you guys are going to ask me why I hate it.

    1. Well let's start with the first thing that comes to mind about the problems with this episode: The executi…

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  • NekomuraChan

    Season 2 Wishlist

    April 19, 2014 by NekomuraChan

    ...What to talk about...BTW you guys are going to see me more often.

    I may make some edits or comment on some pages, but you'll mostly see me with these blogs.

    ...oh...I have some things I wish that could happen on season 2; alot of them could help the show improve.

    Let's not sit here and talk. So what do I want to see in season 2:

    1. The Sorceress, including her being better than her performance in Sorcerer in Love


    Let's get one thing straight:

    Sorcerer in Love 2 suuuuuuuuccckks. It sucks hard. Really hard.

    I already said why I think it sucks in my last blog so here's a link to it . Is it needless to say that she's going to get out again? If she can got out once one way she can get again the same way. Please don't pretend she can't.

    She has …

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  • Jummibear

    Young Randy Cunningham

    March 11, 2014 by Jummibear

    What episode is my profile pic in?

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  • NekomuraChan

    Note: This is more of a neutral take on the show. (so it's not like my last blog) I'm on positive and negative parts. The positives don't have negatives and Negatives don't have positives. If there's some issues between people, then i'll ask the admins to take this blog down.  

    This will be more of an open chat to reflect on season one. I'm very curious about what you guys think about the show so far. Feel free to be honest I won't judge you and i hope other people will too.

    I'm going to ask questions for me and you guys about the first season. I feel we need to reflect as a community on previous seasons before we move onand learn more about each other.

    If i promise to try to be subtle, will you guys do the same? When it comes to things I dis…

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  • Snowy19

    Hi random people I've never met before. I was just wondering what every one would like to see in season 2. I would love to see more about Randy's family. I would also like to see more backstory about Randy and Howard I know that there is supposed to be an episode about how they met and I am super exited for that. I think it would be awesome if we get to see more Theresa I hope her character gets developed more. Of course I also want to see more of Viceroy and Mcfist but I'm pretty sure we are going to be seeing a lot of them. There is nothing to specific I think is going to happen because honestly it's pretty much in impossible to predict what's gonna happen. What do you all think is gonna happen or want to happen.

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  • Hgrninja


    February 18, 2014 by Hgrninja

    Hi my name is Hannah Ramirez or hgrninja and I am the ninja! JK! I am an HUGE ninja fan.

    new ideas:

    Randy Cunningham meets 8 more ninjas

    Note to all. stop with the cuss words. This is a kids wiki!!!!! If you play Minecraft, I will bold your skin. So send it to me

    I will so put my fan art up.

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  • HallOfEternity

    Any of you know how to download youtube bought RC9GN vids? I bought them trough a proxy and I can watch them as well but do any of the americans here know how to download them( perhaps? or straight from YT)


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  • Blazer66

    Season Two

    February 9, 2014 by Blazer66

    Anyone have any info on when Season two launches? If so can you put the links on this blog I wanna keep up to date, the waiting is killing me.

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  • Blazer66

    Background Character Poll

    February 7, 2014 by Blazer66

    Since the developers are always promoting background characters by giving them names in episodes, who thinks that we should ask the admins to contact the developers and ask them to have a vote for "background character most wanted to have a major role in an episode". I know i'm not the only one who has their own particular favorite.

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  • NekomuraChan

    To Be Honest...

    January 19, 2014 by NekomuraChan

    Note: This is MY OPINION. If you like a certain charcater please don't make it personal. I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings.

    I dislike the way they write the write the characters very much. One thing is that every character is forced into things for the sake of " yeah we have characters and they are special and fun and they have a personality, which is why you should love and care about them"

    Basically, They are there to be characters, which most of them have no concern for the concept in general or the plot of the episode, and that you should be sorry for them if they get tortured and laugh at them if they do something funny.

    First off, more than 3/4 of the secondary characters are absolutely pointless and/or have no personality trait wh…

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  • Blazer66

    Randy Theresa

    January 19, 2014 by Blazer66

    I personally am looking forward to a developing relationship between Randy and Theresa. Usually in shows like this (Danny Phantom) its an entire series of teasing and they just get together at the end not that i didnt love that cartoon but I wouldn't mind a change you know?

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  • Crimson Dragster


    January 12, 2014 by Crimson Dragster

    You how the sorcerer lived for 800 hundred years.But I wonder if the sorcerer is immortal or can he die?

    Pls live comments below.

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  • Tansyflower

    Hey guys! I just want to ask for something to be done differently whenever putting episode titles.

    Episode titles need to be surrounded by quotation marks, like "Last Stall on the Left" and "Weinerman Up". Whenever the title has a punctuation mark as a part of the title, it needs to be inside the quotation marks, like "Grave Puncher: The Movie!". However, whenever there's punctuation that's not part of the title, like when putting commas after titles, it needs to be outside of the quotations marks, like "McFreaks", "Shoob Tube", and "Weinerman Tested, Cunningham Approved".

    Exceptions to this rule are:

    • When the title is a header of an article, like on character gallery pages.
    • When the title is in an infobox.
    • When the title is first introduced in its…
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  • Mother-zombie

    Hey guys!

    December 4, 2013 by Mother-zombie

    I'm sorry that I haven't been doing too many major edits lately. School has been really busy and on top of the screenshots I need to organize for RC9GN I also need to do the same with Uncle Grandpa for the Uncle Grandpa wiki. So I've been making more image category edits more than anything. However, I see all the edits happeneing to the main pages and I just wanted to let everyone know that I highly appreciate it and you guys are doing a wonderful job! The one thing we definitely need to focus on now that RC9GN is on hiatus is the episode synopsises! If you can make some episode synopsises that would be super cool because that's something I want to accomplish, but with my busy schedule I'm not sure I would be able to do that just yet. Plus…

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  • Ironninja 3

    Crossover Fight 2.0

    November 21, 2013 by Ironninja 3

    This is an extended version. Randy fights, I wish I could make, would be against, in my opinion and individual battle:

    • Scorpion
    • Sub-Zero
    • Noob Saibot
    • Ermac
    • Rain
    • Reptile
    • Smoke
    • Trevor
    • Milena
    • Jade
    • Kitana
    • Strider
    • Ninja Commando
    • Ryu Hayabusa
    • Shinobi
    • Hien (Sonic Wings)
    • Geki
    • Ibuki
    • White Ninja (G.I Joe)
    • Leonardo
    • Donatello
    • Michelangelo
    • Rafael
    • Naruto
    • Sasuke
    • Sakura
    • Tira
    • Son Goku
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  • Quomler


    November 14, 2013 by Quomler

    Hey y'all, I recently created a Youtube channel where I make top 10 countdowns. Here's a link and I would really love it if you guys checked it out and subscribed, liked, and commented!

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  • Ac9gn

    so bruce

    November 14, 2013 by Ac9gn
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  • Sodaninja

    Hey, I wanna do episode title puns too.


    The Shoobies

    Land of the Nomicon

    Bowling for Carp

    The Sorcerer's Appetite


    War of the Words

    Shoobs on a Plane

    Where the Bruce Things Are

    How to Train Your Ninja

    Real Big Carp

    Diary of a Band Geek

    Shoobs and Geeks

    How the Sorcerer Stole Christmas

    Who Framed the Ninja?


    Yeah yeah yeah that was fun, ok I'm all out.

    Most of these made me laugh because of how silly they sounded, and from thinking how an episode for those might dish out. Some of them I can't even think of how an episode can be made.

    Oh yeah, see if you can figure out what I'm referencing for each. Your prize will be a year supply of...cheese. You know, the cheese that makes you the cheese.

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  • Mother-zombie


    GO HERE:



    WE ARE AT 95%


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  • Mother-zombie

    I apologize for my minimal edits.

    Not only do I have much schoolwork to get through, I've been really emotionally invested into Dangan Ronpa walk throughs on youtube! It is a good game and if you don't have a PSP to buy and play it, I highly suggest watching the walk throughs I am sooo hooked I don't wanna stop watching it!

    I wonder how cool it would be to have a Dangan Ronpa crossover with the RC9GN characters? Hannibal's Despair School? That would be awesome!

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  • Mother-zombie

    Underaged Users

    October 1, 2013 by Mother-zombie

    Oh hmmm

    I did not know that you must be over 13 to contribute to the wikia, I figured since anyone can edit and that this place was made child-friendly that there were no age restrictions.

    Well, here's the deal-i-o with this. I personally don't really care how old someone is, as long as they make acceptable and positive contributions or just wanna browse around to look at information on their favorite show. However, I do care if you blatantly put your age up OR if you make bad edits, dumb comments, and perform vandalism.

    So all in all, if I find out you are underaged I'm gonna have to ban you -twirls the banhammer around-

    You can be here only if you are 13 and up

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