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The Art of Healing is a special Ninja technique that allows the Ninja to restore life to the lifeless, thus bringing the dead to life. 


This power was in the Forbidden Knowledge of the Shadow Warrior section of the NinjaNomicon. Due to cutting corners, Randy, in "Dawn of the Driscoll", loses control of the ability, destroys part of the science lab, and accidentally brings Jerry Driscoll back to life. Following defeating Jerry and deciding he was too dangerous, Randy reverses the ability, returning Jerry back to a lifeless skeleton.

Randy later uses it again, and has apparently mastered it, in "Silent Punch, Deadly Punch", where he uses it to jump start the growth of the sacred tree, from which the sap was used to make his smoke bombs.

In "Brolateral Damage", Randy utilizes this skill to fix a mini bike in order to destank Bash Johnson.


Healing tree

Ninja growing a baby skunk pine.

  • The Art of Healing has only been used to resurrect the dead, so it's unknown if it can heal wounds of the living.
    • It seems to be able to help some things grow, though, like the Skunk Pine seed.
    • It's revealed in "Brolateral Damage", that the ability can be used to fix machinery.

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