Monster drill airfist
Ninja Air Fist
 is a power the Ninja can learn to conjure a blast of air and use it to strike enemies.


This attack has a long range, and it can be shaped without fist-shaped gesture. It can be be used horizontally for width and vertically for power and height range. The steps and the time to form it can be almost instant or take a while. The move is strong enough to pierce through solid stone and metal. The move is also useful when the Ninja needs to deal a finishing blow or to defend thing(s).

Randy first learned this skill in "Monster Drill", at first thinking it made him look ridiculous, but finally mastering it to defeat the Robo-Mantis. He uses it the second time in "Grave Puncher: The Movie" to knock the 7D grave puncher over, although it didn't defeat him as it its body itself is a hologram. To help himself and others escape, Randy uses it to knock a hole in the wall in "Escape from Detention Island". In "Raiders of the Lost Nomicon", Randy is able to use it to temporarily stop the Sorcerer, knocking him down and temporarily disrupting his red stank. This was the first time Randy was able to fight or hit the Sorcerer, although it was to escape from the red stank. To knock a meteorite in "Lucius O'Thunderpunch", Randy starts to use this move, which takes a while, but he doesn't use it when he is interrupted by Lucius, who destroys the meteorite with a canon. In "Happy Hanukkah, Howard Weinerman" he uses it in conjunction with the Hydro Hand. He also able to modify the technique shape like a palm to stop objects.

Mastering Ninja Air Fist

To learn this move, the Ninja is required to learn and practice it in the NinjaNomicon. The steps to do it is:

  1. Separate the clouds
  2. Gather the fallen winds
  3. Free the chicken

Ninja Online Games

In Ninja Sprint, the technique played an important role which is to knock a shielded opponent, multiple enemies in a row, or side to side, a good way to damage.

In Punchocalypse, it did not really play a role. It can wall an enemy but causes less damage. It can be used rapidly in mid-air.

This is also a powerful move in Monster Mayhem.


  • Initially, Randy kept laughing when he attempted the third step which prevents him from performing the attack, but after learning respect, he stopped.
  • Randy is able to use it defensively and offensively.
  • Even though it is powerful, Randy uses it infrequently.

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